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How To Change Messenger Color on Android

Messenger On Android

Facebook Messenger is one of the world’s most used social media applications. It has a default blue theme interface, which some people find rather bland. However, it is possible to change the theme color of Messenger if you wish. The question is, how do you change the color of Facebook Messenger on your Android device?

Quick Answer

To change the theme color of Messenger on an Android device, launch the Messenger app, and pick any conversation you want to change the color. Tap on the info icon at the top left corner of your screen, select the “Theme” option, and choose the color you want.

Messenger introduced color customization in 2015, so you can personalize the app however you’d like. You can pick any of the available colors for your conversations in Messenger. After you choose a color for a chat, that color will be set as the new default.

Keep reading this article to learn more about changing Messenger color on Android. 

Steps To Change Messenger Color on an Android Device

Changing the theme color of chats on the Messenger app on Android is straightforward. Below, we highlighted the steps to change Android’s theme color in an easy-to-comprehend list. And if you follow each step carefully, in no time, you should have that conversation screen customized to the color you want. 

Step #1: Launch the App and Open the Chat

On your Android device, find and launch the Messenger app. You can search for the app from the app menu on your device by swiping up from your Home screen or clicking on the menu icon if your Android device features one. It is also possible to change the theme color on the Messenger app using its website from your Android device. 

Step #2: Click on the Person

When you launch the Messenger app, tap or click on the name of the friend you want to change the theme color. You can only change the theme color of one friend at a time. So, if you want to customize the theme color of different friends, you must do it individually.  

Step #3: Tap on the Info Icon 

Next, you need to click on the info icon. The info icon is the little icon located at the top right corner of your conversation screen. The info icon is a small letter “i” inside a bubble

Step #4: Select the Theme Color 

Select the “Theme” option on the next screen to change the theme or gradient color that best suits you. There are several preset themes on the Messenger app, so you have different options. 

What Happens When You Change the Messenger Color on Your Android Device?

Changing the color or theme doesn’t change anything other than the aesthetics of your chats. It gives your conversations a new look! When you click on the new theme color of your Messenger, the theme color will change for all the participants of your chats. Each of them will see a message or notification in their chat that you changed the color of the chat theme. Note that if the person does not like the theme color you choose, they can change it to whatever color they prefer.

This feature helps the user to change the default theme color from blue to any preferred theme color. Some users love their chats to be fun and colorful, so Facebook integrated this feature to change the theme color. Interestingly, you can change the theme color of your conversations anytime and any number of times you want.

Keep in Mind

It remains there when you change the Facebook theme color, provided no one changes it. So, even if you exit the app, log out, or even uninstall the app, the theme color will not change.


As you can see from this guide, changing Messenger color on Android is pretty straightforward. Set unique theme colors for different people to create a different chatting experience. So, if you have not been using this feature, now you know how to use it.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I change the theme color back to blue on Messenger?

To restore the default color of Facebook Messenger on your android device, tap on the participant’s name in the chat thread on your screen. On your conversation screen, click on the name at the top of the screen and click on “Themes”. Tap on the blue color to restore Messenger to its default or the classic color blue.

How do I change the color or theme of my messages in Messenger?

From the chat thread, open the conversation you want to customize a color for. Tap the conversation name at the top. Click on the theme. Select the color or gradient you want for the conversation. 

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