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How To Change Mouse Pointer Color

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Are you tired of the default mouse pointer Color, and do you want to try something new for a change? Today, we have written this guide to help you customize your pointer’s color. Whether you are on a Mac or Windows, this guide will help you enhance your user experience.

Quick Answer

You can change your mouse pointer color through the Windows and Mac settings. To change the pointer color in Windows, you need to go to your “Mouse Pointer Settings” and select the color that suits you. However, Mac users need to go to “Settings” > “Accessibility” > “Pointer Tab” and select a new color for their pointer.

With that said, you can also change your cursor’s shape and size using the built-in settings of both OS. In addition to that, there is also third-party software out there that allows you to customize your pointer.

Now that you have an idea about how things work let us dive into how you can implement these changes.

Changing Mouse Pointer Color on Windows 

If you own a Windows device, changing your pointer color will require less than a few minutes. Windows is known for its customizability, whether built-in options or third-party software and extensions. That being said, let us move on to how you can change your pointer colors.

The easiest way to change your pointer color on Windows is to use Mouse Pointer settings. You can do that by following the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Press the Windows Logo + U Key to open the “Ease of Access Settings”.
  2. In the Ease of Access Settings, either type in “Mouse Pointer” or scroll down until you find it.
  3. In the “Mouse, Pointer Settings”, look for “Change Pointer Color”.
    Image 17
  4. Once you find the change pointer option, you can choose one of the three default layouts or set a custom color.

Suppose you want to set a custom color for your pointer, press on the last layout. Once you press on the layout, Windows will suggest to you some colors. However, if you don’t prefer any of the suggested colors, you can press the + sign below them. This will open up a color pallet through which you can select your desired pointer color.

Resetting Your Mouse Pointer on Windows

If you are not happy with your customized mouse pointer, you can simply reset the mouse pointer through Mouse Pointer settings. Select the default layout to reset the mouse pointer back to the way it was. The default layout is the first layout option and has a pointer image representing a white body with a black border.


The four layouts for your Mouse pointer are:

– White Body and Black Border.
– Inverted Pointer Colors.
– Black Body and White Border.
– Custom Colors.

Changing Mouse Pointer Color on a Mac

Even though Apple isn’t very friendly when customizing its products, it still provides its customers the option to change their mouse pointer color. With that said, Apple doesn’t only allow the user to change the filling color of their pointer, but it also provides the option to change the outline of their pointer as well.

Changing Pointer Outline Color

If you are looking to change the outline of your pointer rather than the whole pointer color, you can simply do that by following the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Open “System Preferences”.
  2. Go to “Accessibility” > “Display” > “Pointer”.
  3. Here click on the “Pointer Outline Color” to open the color wheel.
  4. Select your desired color and press okay to confirm it.

Changing Pointer Fill Color 

Changing your pointer fill color is very similar to changing its outline color. Follow the mentioned steps to change the pointer fill color on your Mac.

  1. Go to “System Preferences”.
  2. Navigate to “Accessibility” > “Display” > “Pointer”.
    Image 18
  3. Now click on the “Pointer Fill Color” to open the color wheel.
  4. Select your desired color and press okay to confirm it.

Resetting Your Mouse Pointer on a Mac 

You can reset it using the Pointer settings in the events where you feel like you are done with your colored Mouse Pointer. To reset your mouse pointer to default settings, go to “Accessibility” > “Display” > “Pointer”. Inside the Pointer Menu, click on the “Reset” button next to the Pointer Outline Color.


Changing your mouse pointer color isn’t that hard. However, finding the option in itself can be a little tricky. Therefore, to help you out, we have written this guide today. By following the aforementioned methods, you will be able to customize your pointer color in no time. With that said, we hope this guide will help you customize your pointers color.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to change mouse pointer size on Mac?

To change the mouse pointer size on Mac, you need to go to Accessibility > Display > Pointer. Inside the Pointer window, you can find the slider that allows you to change your pointer size. Sliding the bar right will increase your Pointer size, while sliding it to the left side will decrease it.

How to change mouse pointer size on Windows?

You can change the mouse pointer size on Windows using the Mouse Pointer settings. To access the Mouse Pointer settings, go to your Start Menu and type Mouse Pointer in your search bar. Once the Mouse Pointer window is open, look for the Pointer Size slider and move it around to change your pointer’s size.

Can I change my cursor thickness on Windows?

Yes, you can change your cursor thickness on Windows. There are times when increasing your cursor thickness can help you see the pointer better. You need to go to your Mouse Pointer Settings to change your cursor thickness. Inside the Mouse Pointer settings, scroll down until you find Change Cursor Thickness. To increase your cursor thickness slide the slider to the right. However, slide it to the left if you want to decrease the thickness.

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