How To Change Text Color on Android

How To Change Text Color On Android 1

Customizing the text color is a feature that many Android users love. This is no surprise because it allows you the freedom to personalize your smartphone to showcase your unique personality and display your taste preferences. However, customizing the text color on your Android smartphone isn’t that straightforward, and if you’re stuck, look no further. 

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This guide looks at the different approaches you can follow to customize your Android phone’s text color. The most common and best solutions to follow when changing text color include:

1) Go to your smartphone’s built-in “Settings” app. 
2) Use the “iFont” app. 
3) Use the “Nova Launcher”.

Following these approaches will enable you to change the text color on your Android smartphone. 

But to better explain how you can do this, here’s an in-depth guide on the steps to follow for each of these approaches. Let’s get started. 

Method #1: Use Android’s In-Built Settings App 

The simplest way to change the text color on your Android smartphone is by going to the “Settings” app. This option is available on most Android smartphone manufacturers, including LG, HTC, and Samsung. However, the “Settings” app can differ from one smartphone to another. 

There are different approaches to changing text color on Android smartphones once you launch the Settings app. Here’s a look at the various options.

Option #1: Use the Font Size and Style Option

  1. Launch the “Settings” app. 
  2. Click on “Display”
  3. Tap on “Font Size and Style” option 
  4. Select the style you want from the list of available picks.   

Option #2: Use the Accessibility Option

  1. Go to your smartphone’s “Settings” app.
  2. Click on the “Accessibility” option. 
  3. Tap on the option “Visibility Enhancements”
  4. Select the “High Contrast Fonts” option. 
  5. Click on the font you want from the ones available on the list. 

Option #3: Use the Themes Option  

  1. Click on “Settings”
  2. Go to “Wallpapers and Themes”
  3. Click on the “Themes” option. 
  4. Select the font you desire you use. 

Option #4: Use the Styles & Wallpapers Option

  1. Go to your smartphone’s “Settings” app. 
  2. Click on the “Android Device” option. 
  3. Scroll down to “Styles & Wallpapers” option. 
  4. Choose your pick of text color for your Android phone. 

Option #5: Dark Theme & Color Inversion

Android smartphones come pre-installed with two themes or modes, the light theme and the dark theme. After clicking on the light theme, the font changes to black, while the font turns to white for the dark theme. However, you shouldn’t confuse this with color conversion because it doesn’t alter media content. 

Here are steps to follow to switch on the dark theme on your Android smartphone. 

  1. Click on “Settings”
  2. Scroll down to “Accessibility”
  3. Click on “Display”
  4. Use the toggle to switch on the “Dark Theme”

When switching on color inversion, the steps to follow are slightly different.

  1. Go to “Settings”
  2. Press the “Accessibility” option. 
  3. Tap on “Display”
  4. Click on Color Inversion
  5. Enable the use of “Color Inversion”

Method #2: Use the iFont App 

Using custom font applications, you can also change the text color on your Android phone. These apps only change text or font instead of the entire phone UI. Some of the best custom font apps you should consider using include; 

You can alter the text color on your Android smartphone using this app, and here are the steps to follow. 

  1. Go to the “Google Play Store” and search for “iFont”
  2. Click on “Install” to download and install this application on your phone. 
  3. Launch the “iFont” app, and you’ll see the options “TOP APP”, “MY”, “FIND”, and “RECOM”. 
  4. Click on “MY” and choose “Color Font”
  5. Select the font you want and click on it to get a preview of its appearance. 
  6. If satisfied with the font, click on “DOWNLOAD”
  7. After the download is through, go to the “MY” tab and click “My Download”
  8. A list of all the downloaded fonts will list itself, and you should click on the font you’ve chosen. After that, tap on “SET”
  9. The prompt “Install” will appear on your phone’s screen. 
  10. After installation, your smartphone’s text and font color will change. 

Method #3: Use the Nova Launcher 

You can use numerous launcher applications on “Google Play Store” to change the text color on your Android smartphone. Besides changing the text color, these launcher apps also alter your phone’s wallpapers and themes, to name a few. Here are the steps you should follow when using the two most popular picks; 

One of the best picks is the “Nova Launcher” which allows you to change the text color on your Android smartphone. Here are the steps to follow when using this app; 

  1. Go to the “Play Store” to download the “Nova Launcher” app. 
  2. Press “Install”
  3. Click on “Nova Settings”
  4. Press “Home Screen” and head to “Icon Layout”
  5. Enable the toggle next to “Label” to see the available font options. 
  6. Click on “Color” and choose your preferred font color. 


The highly customizable nature of the Android operating system makes it one of the most popular options for most smartphone users. One thing that’s often customized on the Android handsets is the text color, and you’re spoilt for choice with the many options available. 

If you didn’t know the process to follow when changing the text color on your Android phone, this comprehensive guide has outlined the various approaches you need to follow. With this in mind, you’ll be able to effortlessly change the text color on your Android smartphone and personalize it as you wish. 

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