How To Change the Caller ID on iPhone

Iphone Caller Id

The iPhone device is used for several purposes by different people. As a business owner, who adds suppliers, clients, or colleagues as contacts in this device, you will be able to know them via the iPhone’s caller ID feature when they call. An iPhone is designed with this feature so that you can decide on whose call you should take. But can you change this ID after adding a caller ID entry from the on-screen keypad or the “Recents” tab on your iPhone?

Quick Answer

Technically, you must understand that changing the ID on your iPhone yourself is impossible. However, you can enable or disable the caller ID on the device. Go to the Settings app, hit “Phone” from the drop-down menu, choose the “Show My Caller ID” option, and enable it by toggling it on. To change it, you need to contact your carrier network.

If your question is how to change caller ID on your iPhone, you may be experiencing some challenges with seeing the caller’s name. But relax; there is a way out. In this article, we’ll show you how to change caller ID on iPhone. 

How Can I Change My Caller ID on iPhone?

You should understand that you can’t, as a user, change the caller ID on your iPhone. However, you are permitted to enable and disable the caller. Since you can’t get the task easily done yourself, what then can you do? There is a way out. You should contact your carrier network. This is an effective way to change caller ID on iPhone. 

If you detest what appears on your iPhone’s screen during calls or probably you prefer a nickname as your caller ID, this can generate the question of how to change the caller ID name on the iPhone. Only the carrier network can change the ID on the device. Let’s assume that your carrier is T-mobile. You will reach out to them to change the caller ID name or the number on the iPhone. 

How Can I Enable or Disable the Caller ID on My iPhone? 

Since you now know that you will need your carrier network to change your caller ID on your iPhone, is there anything you can do for the device that relates to the caller ID? Yes, there is – turning on or turning off the caller ID. Check out the steps below to learn how to enable or disable caller ID on iPhone.

Keep in Mind

The iPhone caller ID is turned on by default on every iPhone automatically and by the carrier networks. Nonetheless, if you find it turned off on your device, you can turn it on yourself.

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Select “Phone”. You will be taken to the next page, where you will see “Show My Caller ID”.
  3. Press “Show My Caller ID” to view a toggle button you can use to turn the caller ID on your device on or off. If you find the toggle button off, you need to turn it on by sliding the toggle to the right to show the caller ID on your iPhone.

A user may decide to disable the caller ID for numerous reasons. But if you decide to do such, your name and number will not appear during calls. In other words, when you turn the toggle button off, your calls or contact will appear as private contact or private number.


Now, you know the things involved in changing caller ID on iPhone. Although you may not be able to change it yourself, you can disable it anytime you like to make the caller’s identity (number and name)  private. Nevertheless, you must contact your carrier network if you want to change the caller ID on your iPhone. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is the caller ID feature not working after turning it on?

You may have to wait several minutes for your phone book to sync. As a background process, it can take more time in case many contacts are in the system.

If you want a faster-syncing process, connect your device to Wi-Fi and leave the app in the foreground (inbox page) for some minutes. Then, open the Settings page to see if syncing is complete. 

Why do I see the wrong name on the caller ID?

Several reasons may be responsible for the wrong name on the caller ID. These may include spoofed caller’s number (when the caller decides to falsify their number to make it look like someone else’s) and blocked caller’s number – the recipient can do this to hide their number on caller ID.

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