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How To Change the Voice on Google Home

Google Home Voice Change

Google Home virtual assistant lets you manage and control the operations of your home devices. You can converse with Google Home and receive information about your devices.

Google Home has its voice, and it has many different languages, gender, and accent options to choose from. Over time, listening to the same voice is boring, and you need to change the Google Home voice.

Quick Answer

To change the Google Home voice on an Android or iPhone, go to your Settings and click “Assistant Voice“. After that, a lot of different voices to choose from will appear. You should then select your most preferred voice.

In the remaining part of this article, you will learn the other ways to change Google home voice. Also, you will see the list of commands and voices available on Google Home.

How To Change the Voice on a Google Home Device

Here is how to select a new Google Home voice.

  1. Launch your Google Home app.
  2. Tap the Settings (⚙️) icon.
    Image 1
  3. Scroll down and click “Google Assistant“.
    Image 2
  4. Tap “Manage All Settings“.
    Image 3
  5. Scroll down and select “Assistant Voice & Sounds“.
    Image 4
    You may also type it in the search box if you can’t find “Assistant Voice and Sound” when you scroll down.
    Image 5
  6. Swipe left or right and choose your preferred voice from the list that plays.
    Image 6
Quick Tip

You should check the voice list regularly as Google regularly adds new voices.

How To Change Your Google Home Hub Voice

The method for changing your Google Home Hub voice is the same as changing your Google Home voice. The method for changing the Google Home voice has been described above.

How To Change the Voice of the Google Assistant

The same method for changing the voice on a Google Home device is the same method you will use to change the voice of the Google Assistant.

Why Can’t You Change Your Google Home’s Voice?

Most times, you can’t change your Google Home voice because it does not have the language voice output for your corresponding language input.

For example, there is no voice output language for the corresponding input language of English (Philippines) at the time of writing this article. Hence, you won’t be able to change your Google Home voice when you set the input language to English (Philippines).

To solve it, you should change your input language to a general language, for example, English (US).

Image 8

Another reason you can’t change your Google Home voice is because your Google Home app is outdated. Google regularly adds new voices and replaces some. Therefore, you must regularly update your Google Home app to access new features and languages.

How To Change the Voice Volume on a Google Home Device

There are three primary ways to adjust the voice volume on your Google Home device. The first is by issuing a voice command. The second is by using the Google Home app. Thirdly, you can adjust the Google Home volume by touching the device.

Here is the explanation of the methods used to adjust the volume in the Google Home app.

Method #1: Using Your Voice

All Google Home devices have the same voice command. Hence, you don’t need to change the command for every new device.

You can speak on your phone if you want to use your voice to adjust the volume. Here are some of the available Google Home voice commands.

  • “Turn the volume up.”
  • “Turn the volume down.”
  • “Set volume level x.” For example, “set volume level 20.”
  • “Set volume to x%.” For example, “set volume level of 55%.”
  • “Set maximum volume.” This command will set it at maximum volume.
  • “Set the minimum volume.” This command will set it at a minimum volume
  • Increase volume.”
  • Decrease volume.”
  • “What’s the volume?” This command will notify you of the volume status.

Method #2: Using the Google Home App

Here is how to use the Google Home app to adjust the volume.

  1. Go to the Google Home app.
  2. Choose “Google Home Mini“.
  3. Adjust the volume.

Method #3: Using Touch

You can adjust the volume when you touch your device. To increase the volume by touching it, tap the right side of your device until it reaches your desired volume. If you tap on the Google Home device 10 times, it will set it to maximum volume.

If you want to decrease the volume, tap the left side of the device. Tapping it 10 times will mute it.

List of Voice Options in Google Home Device

Here are the 10 voice options on Google home:

  • Red – Female (default).
  • Orange – Male.
  • Pink – Male.
  • Purple – Male.
  • Amber – Female.
  • British Racing Green – Female with a British accent.
  • Sydney Harbour Blue – Female with an Australian accent.
  • Green – Male.
  • Cyan – Female.
  • Blue – Male.

Google has also introduced celebrity voices on Google home. Presently, you can select the celebrity actress Issa Rae. Previously, the celebrity John Legend his voice registered on Google voice.


Listening frequently to the same voice on Google Home for an extended period can bore you. And as time goes on, it can make you less attentive to it. Hence, occasionally changing the Google Home voice can keep you engaged with it for a long time.

This article has provided you with a guide on how to change your Google Home voice. Be sure to follow them accordingly to keep being engaged with your Google Home device.

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