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How To Change the Wallpaper on Apple Watch

Apple Watch

As an Apple Watch user, there are several watch faces you can choose from. However, if you’re interested in bringing a personal touch to the device to give your wrist a new and special look, you will have to learn how to set your photos and change the wallpaper. So, how can you change the wallpaper on your Apple Watch?

Quick Answer

Ideally, you can change the wallpaper on your Apple Watch in two major ways. You can make the changes directly on your Apple Watch or use the Watch app on your smartphone. For the first method, access the screen settings and choose your wallpaper. For the second method,  open the Watch app, tap the Face Gallery, and choose the Photo Face.

It’s a fantastic decision to change the wallpaper on your Apple Watch to a nice-looking one since the device follows you everywhere. This article will cover the methods to change the wallpaper on Apple Watch.

2 Methods To Change Wallpapers on Apple Watch 

Below are the popular methods to change the wallpaper on Apple Watch easily.

Method #1: Use Your Apple Watch

You can change the wallpaper on your Apple Watch directly on the device without stressing yourself to get your smartphone before you can get it done. You can use this method for all models of the Apple Watch. You can change the wallpaper on all the five series and the 1st generation. 

Here’s how to change Apple Watch wallpaper using the Apple Watch.

  1. Access the screen settings by pressing and holding the clock on the watch.
  2. Scroll right or left to see the Apple Watch backgrounds. You can also scroll to the right side, hit “New”, and scroll to search for a preferred image. You can download wallpaper on specialized websites or use your picture.
  3. Hit your preferred wallpaper to confirm your choice.
Quick Tip

If you wish to delete your new Apple Watch wallpaper, press the background for a few seconds, swipe up, and hit “Remove”.

Method #2: Use Your iPhone 

Another straightforward way to change the wallpaper on Apple Watch is through your smartphone. You can use the Watch app on your device to adjust settings and notifications, install apps, configure the dock, customize watch faces, etc.

Here’s how to change the Apple Watch wallpaper using your iPhone.

  1. Open the Watch app on your smartphone.
  2. Hit the “Face Gallery”.
  3. Scroll to look for “Photos” and click it. You will see selected photos on the watch. Adding more than one photo will make the watch cycle through all the selected ones every time you raise the watch face. 
  4. Scroll down on the “Photos” screen and choose where the photos will come from under “Content”. You can choose “Dynamic” (it displays resent memory photos), “Photos” (it allows you to select up to 24 photos), or “Album” (it shows photos from the “Favorites” folder or photos from created albums).
  5. Choose the photo(s) you would like to be on your display, and click “Add”.
  6. Change the “Complications” if needed to display different stats.
  7. Click “Add” at the top of the “Photos” screen to see your watch face added to your Apple Watch and automatically synced with it.


The article has explored the basics of changing wallpaper on the Apple Watch. With this, you can easily create your favorite photos and customize other parameters on the app. We have offered two great methods: use your smartphone to make the changes or use the Apple Watch to change the wallpaper. Whichever you choose, you will end up giving your wrist a nice look.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I change the background on my Apple Watch 5?

1. Go to the watch face by clicking on the Digital Crown.
2. Press and hold the display.
3. Select each face by swiping right or left.
4. Hit “Edit.”

How can I change the background on my Apple Watch 7?

1. Open the Watch app on your device.
2. Hit at the bottom of the toolbar the “Face Gallery”.
3. Scroll down to the “Photos” section, and click “Photos”.

How can I change a regular picture to a portrait?

1. Go to the Camera app.
2. Swipe to Portrait Mode. Follow the tips to make the Portrait Mode ready.
3. Hit the shutter button

Is Apple Watch Face Albums app free?

Yes, the Apple Watch Face Albums app is free. Through it, you can download numerous beautiful wallpapers for your Apple Watch. 

Why can’t I select any photos on my Apple Watch?

If you’re unable to add photos on your Apple Watch, it may be that the device has developed an issue. So, you can try to unpair it to the iPhone and then pair it again. After that, create a new photo face. But ensure that your iPhone and the Apple Watch are kept close together while unpairing them.

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