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How To Change Your Cash App Pin

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Several conditions may influence your decision about changing your Cash App pin, particularly in this age where online fraud is very rampant. Doing this is an effective way to deal with illegal moves toward your Cash App account. Although Cash App uses cutting-edge fraud detection technology that can guide you against fraudulent acts, you may still want to take some extra precautions by changing the pin. So how can you change your pin on Cash App?

Quick Answer

Technically, there is a single way to change your Cash App pin. You can get the job done by opening the app, going to “Privacy & Security”, selecting “Change Cash Pin”, entering your new pin, and verifying it.

Undoubtedly, all you want is to keep your Cash App account safe from those that seek the opportunity to take advantage of you. It’s a smart step when you change your Cash App pin to keep your asset well-protected.

In this piece, we’ll walk you through how you can change your pin and set up a new one in a few minutes. 

Steps To Change Your Cash App Pin 

You can easily change your Cash App pin if you are an iOS or Android user. First, you must ensure you have the app installed on your device. Even for a newbie, the steps are straightforward—resetting your Cash App does not require technical skills or experience.

Note that you must be able to access your email address before completing the changing process. All you have to do is follow the simple steps below and have it changed in a few clicks. 

Quick Note

The Cash App pin is usually 4-6 numeric characters for users to execute transactions. However, it will be impossible for users to complete this transaction without the pin code. You must change your pin if you have forgotten or noticed any fraudulent act.

Step #1: Install Cash App on Your Mobile Device 

First, you must have installed Cash App on your mobile device. If you have not installed the app, you can visit the App Store as an iOS user and Play Store as an Android user. 

Step #2: Launch Cash App 

Once you have installed the app on your mobile device, the next thing to do is to launch it. Look for where it is installed on your mobile device and open it. 

Step #3: Search for the Profile Icon

Immediately after launching Cash App, you should navigate to where the profile icon is—located at the top right corner of the screen. 

Step #4: Navigate to “Privacy & Security”

Once you have tapped the profile Icon, it will open an interface where you will see the “Privacy & Security” menu. Click on it to access where you will change your Cash App pin. 

Step #5: Change Your Cash App Pin 

Under the “Privacy & Security” option, you will see “Change Cash App Pin”. Once you click on it, a page will pop up where you will have to type your new pin. But, you will need to verify the new pin by visiting the email you provided during registration.


You must have a valid and accessible email address to change your Cash App pin. To verify and confirm that you need to change your Cash App pin, Cash App will send a confirmation email to the email address you provided during registration.


The security issue is one of the primary reasons that could make you decide to change your Cash App pin. The article has uncovered the proper steps you can take, making it something you can do by yourself without involving anyone. Besides, you must always avoid using pins that hackers can easily spy on or suggest (such as 1234 or 0000). So, you should develop a more complex code that hackers will find challenging to suggest or hack into.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I need to have an email address before I can change my Cash App pin?

Yes, Cash App requires that you have a valid email address while registering on Cash App. Your email address will be saved to your Cash App amount for future needs. Also, this email address will be used whenever you need to do something important on your Cash App, such as verification of your account. 

Can I change my Cash App pin anytime?

Yes, as much as you can access your email address, there is no limit to how many times you can change your Cash App pin. However, you must check the link sent to your email address to complete the verification process. 

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