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How To Charge Apple TV Remote

Black Apple Tv Remote

Apple TV is a versatile media box allowing users to stream their favorite shows and play games. However, it needs a remote for proper functioning and operation. But what to do if your Apple TV remote eventually runs out of charge?

Quick Answer

You can quickly charge the new Apple TV Siri remote by plugging one end of a lightning cable into the PC USB port or an Apple USB power adapter. However, if you have an original white or aluminum Apple TV remote, you can replace the battery with a new one. 

We have developed an extensive step-by-step write-up on charging the Apple TV remote. We will also discuss replacing the remote with a wireless keyboard or an old TV or DVD player’s remote. 

How To Check Apple TV Remote Battery Level

The new Siri Remote that comes with the Apple TV has a rechargeable battery that you must recharge several times a year. If you are using a fourth-generation Apple TV,  you will see an alert message on the display that will warn you about the low battery level of the remote if the charging is less than 20%

However, if you are curious about knowing the exact battery level of your Apple TV remote, you can find it out with the following steps.

  1. Go to the Settings menu of your Apple TV and select “Remotes and Devices“.
  2. Choose the “Remote” option.

You will see the battery levels next to the “Battery” option on the following page. If the battery level is low, you need to charge the remote to keep it functional.

Remote Battery Level

Charging Apple TV Siri Remote

Charging an Apple TV remote depends on the model you own. If you have an Apple TV original white or aluminum remote, you can not charge it. However, the new Apple Siri remote has a charging or lightning port for this task. 

Our 2 step-by-step methods for charging the Apple TV remote will help you juice up the battery without wasting any time. 

Method #1: Using PC USB Port

One of the simplest ways to charge your Apple TV remote is using your computer USB port.

  1. Take a lightning cable and connect one end to the charging/lightning port at the bottom of the Apple TV Siri remote.
  2. Connect the other end of the lightning cable to your PC’s USB port
Apple Tv Remote Charging Port

Finally, your Apple TV remote battery will start charging.

Method #2: Using Apple USB Power Adapter

If you don’t want to get troubled with charging the Apple TV remote by using your PC, you can use an Apple USB power adapter in the following way. 

  1. Connect one end of the lightning cable to the Apple TV Siri remote.
  2. Connect the other end of the cable to the Apple USB power adapter.
  3. Connect the power adapter to a power source to initiate the Apple TV remote charging.
Apple Usb Power Adapter

Apple TV Siri remote takes almost 3 hours for a full charge.

Replacing Apple TV Remote Battery

If your Apple TV comes with an original remote in white or aluminum design, you cannot charge its battery as there is no plug-in port for the charging cable. The only solution, in this case, is to replace the battery with a new CR 2032 one, which you can easily find at most retail shops and online stores.

Cr2032 Battery

You can replace the aluminum Apple TV remote battery with these steps.

  1. Use a coin or a similar object to open the battery slot on the back. 
  2. Take out the old battery.
  3. Now insert the new battery and close the battery slot. 

Make sure that the positive side of the battery is facing towards you.

Do the following steps to change the battery in a white Apple TV remote.

  1. Locate the battery compartment at the bottom of the Apple TV remote.
  2. Use a paper clip to open the battery slot
  3. Swap the old battery with the new one, ensure that the positive side of the battery is facing towards you, and close the battery compartment. 


In this step-to-step guide on how to charge Apple TV Remote, we’ve discussed figuring out how much charge is left on the remote battery and explored a few ways to charge it. We’ve also discussed replacing the Apple TV remote battery if you have an original Apple white or aluminum remote.

Hopefully, your Apple TV remote battery is now fully charged, and the remote is functioning accurately with the commands.

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