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How To Charge a PS5 Controller

Charging A Ps5 Controller

The DualSense Wireless Controller is the controller designed for the PS5. Its innovative features allow you to explore the new gaming experience the PS5 console is built to offer you.

From its haptic feedback features, which make you feel the physical responsiveness to your game actions, to the adaptive triggers that let you interact with your in-game gear and environments, the DualSense Wireless Controller offers you the fun of gaming that you never expected. Although, all these features rely solidly on the battery.

The good thing is that you must know how to charge your PS5 controller appropriately to enjoy your gaming moments with friends without fearing any low-battery alert from your controller. Relax! That’s why I’ve written this article for you.

In this guide, I’ll teach you three different DIY (Do-It-Yourself) methods on how you can charge your PS5 DualSense Wireless controller. Read to the end. This won’t take more than two minutes of your time!

Method #1: Use the Manufacturer Provided PS5 Cable

Provided in the PS5 package with other items is a PS5 Cable of a type-C end and a type-A rear. Here’s how to use the cable to charge your controller:

  1. Plug the type-C end into the matching USB port of the controller.
  2. Attach the type-A rear side of the cable to the matching USB port at the front of the PS5.
  3. Once this is done, an orange light indicator for DualSense light stays ON. This means charging has begun even if it’s in Rest Mode.
  4. Check at intervals to notice when the orange light turns OFF to disconnect.

Method #2: Use a Smartphone Charger on a Laptop

Another convenient means to charge your PS5 controller is through a smartphone charger. A smartphone charger is easily accessible, so it may come in handy whenever you want to get a quick medium to charge your controller.

Here’s a simple guide on how you can use your smartphone charger to charge your PS5 controller:

  1. Make sure your smartphone Type-C cable can deliver the needed 5 volts of power.
  2. Plug the USB type- C end to the controller and the rear of the USB cable to the laptop.
  3. Ensure that the DualSense orange light indicator turns ON.
  4. Once the light turns OFF, it implies that it’s fully charged.
  5. Then disconnect from the power source.

Method #3: Use the DualSense Charging Station

The DualSense charging station is designed singly and beautifully to charge the two PS5 controllers. It’s sold separately, and it’s available for a token of $29 on Amazon. It’s got about 9,000 reviews to start with, including tangible images to show you how elegantly it sits on the workstation.

Here’s a simple steps to follow to charge your PS5 using your DualSense Charging Station:

  1. Plug in your DualSense Charging Station using your AC power cord and adapter.
  2. Then place your PS5 controller to sit in the dock of the DualSense charging station. You can achieve this by letting it fix perfectly at both charging terminals.
  3. As usual, the orange light indicator should be ON to indicate charging.
  4. Once charging is completed, the light goes OFF. Then you can remove the controller and use it for your favorite gaming.


In this guide about charging your PS5 controller, I have discussed three easy methods to go about it. Although the PlayStation5 is such a delightful gadget to own and fun to use, sometimes a low battery in the controller can hinder us!

With this guide, you don’t have to worry anymore about how to charge a PS5 controller. I hope your questions have been answered in this guide, and you can pick from any of the methods explained above. Feel confident in sharing these guidelines with your group of friends and followers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my DualSense controller last on a full charge? How long will it take to recharge?

The DualSense, when connected to the PS5 or the DualSense Charging station, will take about three hours to charge fully and can last you up to 8 to 10 hours before it completely dies.

How many DualSense controllers can be connected to my PS5 at a time?

Your PS5 can connect four PS5 controllers at a time. The good thing is that the one holding and using the controller doesn’t need to stand up to touch the PS5 before it can connect. Just hold your controller, and the DualSense wireless controller’s players indicator will detect which player your controller represents.

Can I use a PS4 controller on my PS5?

Sure, you can! Your PS4 controller can connect with your PS5 game console using the manufacturer provided USB-cable. This is how to go about it:

1) Connect your DualShock PS4 controller to one of the USB ports on your PS5 using a micro USB cable.
2) Once done, pick the profile you want to use the controller with from the options displayed on the screen. (Know that you can only play PS4 games and navigate menus with your PS4 controller on your PS5)
3) You now have your PS4 controller paired with the PS5, and you can now unplug the cable as well. You also don’t need to worry about pairing again when you want to play a game with the PS4 controller.

Can I unpair my PS4 controller from my PS5?

Perhaps, you want to switch to a PS5 DualSense controller while your PS4 controller is still connected to the PS5 game console. Firstly, you need to remove the PS4 controller because you can’t connect both simultaneously. Here’s how to go about it:

1) Click on the setting menu.
2) Select Accessories. Then click on the ‘General and Bluetooth Accessories’.
3) Select the DualShock 4 controller option that you want to remove.
4) Then click on Delete.

Once you complete this action, you can pair your PS5 DualSense controller following the instructions below.

How to pair my DualSense wireless controller to my PS5?

1) Plug in the USB cable provided in the box package to the DualSense wireless controller.
2) Press the PS button to turn the controller ON. Then Voila! It’s paired, and you can share a game.

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