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How To Cheat the Stand Goal on Apple Watch

Stand Goal On Apple Watch

From the beginning, Apple Watch was built with the idea that the activity rings would be filled daily. The manufacturers know how hard and frustrating it is not to meet up with each day’s target.

This method is not advisable if you are trying to get a healthier body. Still, perhaps you need to show a friend that you are better. So how do you cheat the stand goal on the Apple Watch?

Quick Answer

You can choose to cheat the goal of an Apple Watch by manually adjusting it or inputting your workout option to the options available. You can also wave your wrists, raise your hand, act like someone else or change your time zone to get an extra boost. 

We all have daily routines, and the wristwatch is made to keep a record of some of our activities. Some people like to keep up their streaks and regularly keep up with a routine – like drinking adequate water, exercise routine, and so on; they need something that will compel them to keep such good habits.

In this article, you might want to do something different: cheat on a feature called stand goal on your Apple Watch. Let’s show you how to go about it.

Tips To Cheat the Stand Goal

There are a few steps you need to take to achieve this, and you will get to understand them after reading this article. Each tip is explained below.

Tip #1: Look for the “Workout” Option 

You need to add workout data for you to enjoy this app. All you have to do is open the tab titled “Today” and click on “Workout”. If that option is not seen, open the “Health Data” tab and click on “Activity”. Then, try to finish a workout to make it disappear. 

Tip #2: Add a New Workout

On the top right, tap the “+” icon, then put the workout that fits your ring best. Running will be included by default, so tap it. The data fields will change depending on the type of workout you select. There are two data fields here: kilocalories and stand and end fields. After selecting one, click on “Add”, and when you are done, your friends will see the notification that you have saved it. 

Tip #3: Wave Your Wrists

If you are comfortably seated and not ready to move, you can cheat the goals you set by just waving your hands in the air as much as you can. Your Apple Watch will assume you are moving and will get you points for move goal, stand goal, exercise minutes, and even step count if it’s done for a long time. 

Tip #4: Raise Your Hand

Hold your hand up if you need to add an hour to your stand goal. Get a posture that makes you comfortable with your hand up in the air, and you will keep getting points for your stand goal. 

Tip #5: Modify Your Data

Try changing your personal information and body measurements to give yourself an edge in the competition. The watch is programmed to record data on its calorie database. It records your age, height, weight, and sex. To maximize the calorie burn recorded during the day, set your height as taller and weight as heavier. Click on the profile icon to edit the fields you want. 

Tip #6: Change the Time Zone for an Extra Boost

If your day is almost finished and you haven’t achieved your standing goal, you must choose a different time zone. Your watch will adjust, and you will have given yourself some extra hours to achieve your goal. You can now change your time zones back to normal when you have finished. 

Quick Tip

Apple has included “Other” as an added option to cover up for any exercise not listed on the Workouts app. This option tracks an average routine of exercise.


The first method needs you to cheat the stand goal by changing some things manually. But the second method needs more physical practice, either raising your hand, swinging hands, pretending you are someone else, or going as far as changing the time zone. All these methods have been tested and proven, so you can try any that suits you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I get more stand points on my Apple Watch?

Getting up and moving around for at least 1 or 2 minutes a day, for 12 separate hours, can help close your ring. Sitting for long hours contributes to health issues. Your stand goal feature motivates you to get up every hour of your day. 

How does the Apple Watch calculate stand minutes?

If you haven’t moved in 50 minutes, the stand reminder will alert you that you haven’t moved for that hour. This means you have 10 minutes to move around. This activity ensures that you move around for at least a minute every hour of the day

Can stand time be manually added to the Apple Watch?

Type in the word “workouts” in the search box, and click on the “Workouts” option in red. Select “Add data” in the top right corner, click on it, and select “Other” as the activity.

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