How To Check AirPods Battery Health

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Apple’s AirPods have revolutionized our media viewing experience. People love the convenience of AirPods as they don’t have to spend much time detangling their wired earbuds. However, unlike traditional earbuds, AirPods need to be charged, and the battery gradually depletes as we use them. So, how can you check the battery health status of your AirPods?

Quick Answer

There are two ways to check your AirPod’s battery life. Both of them require your iPhone, iPad,  or even your Android device. You can view the individual battery capacity of each AirPod and their carrying case by bringing them very close to your handset or using a home screen battery widget.

Both these methods show you accurate results. You can use any of the two depending upon your scenario. The process of applying these methods is pretty straightforward. This detailed guide will tell you all you need to know about checking your AirPod’s battery health.

Method #1: Checking AirPod’s Battery Life From iPhone/iPad

To check the battery level of AirPods, you need to pair them first with your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth on your iPhone.
  2. Open your AirPod’s lid and hold them close to your iPhone. The AirPods will show up on your screen.
  3. Click the ‘Connect” button at the bottom of the AirPods, and they will be connected to your iPhone.

Once the AirPods are connected to your device, you can observe the battery level using two methods.

Using AirPods Animation

  1. Hold the case of your paired AirPods near your device.
  2. Wait for a pop-up to emerge on your iPhone’s screen. The pop-up will show an animation of your AirPods while indicating the charge levels of other AirPods and their case.

Using iPhone’s Battery Widget

  1. Swipe to the left from your iPhone’s home screen until you’re at the widget page.
  2. Scroll down, find and tap “Edit“.
  3. Click the plus (+) icon to add that widget to the desired position on the widget page. You can also long-press your home screen and wait for your phone to get into edit mode.
  4. Click “Batteries” and select any of the three styles of the battery widget. The widget will be added to your home screen.

Whenever your AirPods or any other paired device is near your iPhone, you can quickly check the remaining battery health of the devices.

Method #2: Checking AirPod’s Battery Life From AirPods Case

There’s an indicative light on your AirPod’s case that you can also use to tell the battery life. However, you cannot use it to tell the exact battery percentage as on your iPhone. Put your AirPods inside the case and uncover the lid.

  • If the battery indicator shows green light, your AirPods are completely charged.
  • If the battery indicator shows orange/amber light, your AirPods have less than a full-charge remaining.

Method #3: Checking AirPod’s Battery Life From Mac

If your iPhone or iPad is not with you and you’re working on your Mac, don’t worry; your Mac can also be used to see the battery life of your AirPods. 

  1. Uncover the lid of your paired AirPods in front of the Mac.
  2. Tap the Bluetooth icon at the upper-right corner of your Mac.
  3. When your AirPods show up, hover your Mac’s pointer over their name. It will show you the battery life of both AirPods and the case.

Your AirPod’s battery life can significantly decrease if you don’t take care of it. To maximize their lifespan, turn off unused features like “Automatic Ear Detection” or “Spatial Audio“. You should not crank them up to the maximum volume and never let the charging drop below 30% to prevent excessive charge cycles.

The Bottom Line

There are many different ways to check your AirPods battery life. You can set up a widget on your iPhone or directly see the battery percentage by bringing the AirPods near your iOS device. You can also use your Mac to see the battery health of your AirPods and their carrying case. This article has described all these methods in detail and how you can prevent your AirPods battery from degradation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many years will my AirPods last?

It depends upon your usage pattern, but AirPods typically last about two years. After that period, the battery life has degraded significantly, so you cannot enjoy the media experience as you can on a new pair of AirPods. 

Why do my AirPods die so quickly?

Battery health on AirPods depletes very fast. It happens because they are constantly charged to 100% in the case, and over time, they go through an enormous amount of charge cycles.

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