How To Check AirPods Warranty

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Apple offers a limited warranty to the users for the AirPods and other accessories for one year since the purchase of the product. However, it must be noted that Apple’s warranty covers only limited defects and will not cover water damage or other accidental damages.

Moreover, if the AirPods are covered with the AppleCare+, you’ll pay the service fee per the incident and replace the damaged AirPods or case. Wondering how to check the AirPods warranty? 

Quick Answer

You can check the AirPods warranty by two methods. You can check the AirPods warranty from Apple’s Check Coverage website, where you’ll be asked to enter the unique Serial Number of AirPods (found on the original case or packaging).

You can also check the AirPods remaining warranty from the paired iPhone. Go to Settings > “Bluetooth” and tap the information button next to AirPods. In the “Limited Warranty” section, you can find the remaining warranty of your AirPods. 

Many of you might be living a busy life or don’t remember the purchase date of your AirPods for some reason; worry not! You can always check the AirPods warranty online or through the paired iPhone device. 

This article will guide you through the step-by-step guide to check the Apple Warranty for your AirPods. Keep on reading to know more!

Methods To Check Apple AirPods Warranty

Whether you’ve purchased the AirPods recently and want to check the warranty activation date or have forgotten the date of purchase, Apple has got you covered in both scenarios. Apple offers a warranty check either online or through the paired iPhone.

Method #1: Check AirPods Warranty via Apple Check Coverage

 Apple has covered its users with a dedicated Apple Check Coverage Website, where you can check the warranty of your Apple devices and accessories. Thus, you can also check the AirPods warranty through Apple’s Check Coverage, and here’s how to do it.

  1. Go to Apple’s Check Coverage website from your browser (either PC or mobile).
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  2. Enter the unique Serial Number of the AirPods. 
    You can find the Serial Number of the AirPods written on the AirPods case, original packaging, or the paired iPhone device. 
  3. If you see “Purchase Date Not Validated” on the screen, update it by following the link.  
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  4. Check the heading “Repairs and Service Coverage“; if it says “Active“, the AirPods are in official warranty from the manufacturer. Click on the title, and you’ll find more details about the hardware repair and replacement covered by Apple’s Limited Warranty for your AirPods. You’ll also see the estimated expiration date for the warranty. 
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Keep in Mind

You’ll have to validate the date of purchase if you’ve purchased your AirPods from a third-party seller like Amazon. Click the “Update Purchase Date” link to validate the exact purchase date.   

Method #2: Check AirPods Warranty via Paired iPhone

You can also check the Airpod’s warranty using the paired iPhone device if you don’t wish to check the estimated remaining time via the online website. Here’s how to check the warranty status of your AirPods from paired iPhone device.

  1. Go to Settings on your paired iPhone device.
  2. Tap “Bluetooth“.
  3. Tap on the information (letter “i” inside a circle) button next to the paired AirPods you want to check the warranty status. 
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  4. You can find the “Limited Warranty” at the end of the screen where the expiration date will be written from the about section. 
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You can only see the warranty expiration date here in DD/MM/YY format. You can tap and open this section to know more about the warranty coverage. If the AirPods are out of warranty, the “Limited Warranty” section will show the “Expired” message instead of the date. 


Apple has covered its users with assistance and support, and that’s the unique selling point for this brand. Similarly, Apple keeps you aware of the warranty expiration date of your AirPods in case you’ve forgotten the purchase date or want to know the estimated remaining warranty. You can check the warranty status through the Apple Check Coverage website or the paired iPhone device. 

You can also check the active telephone support, active repairs, and service coverage alongside the estimated warranty expiration date from the Apple Check Coverage.

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