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How To Check the Mac Mouse Battery

Mac Mouse Battery

Apple’s Magic Mouse is a great Bluetooth accessory that enhances your computing experience. The only problem with using this amazing component is that it runs on battery and, like most devices, will run out of it. And as macOS does not display the battery level of connected accessories on the desktop screen, you will need to check for this manually. 

Quick Answer

While the Magic Mouse is connected to your MacBook, click System Preferences from the bottom dock bar. Locate “Mouse” from the list of widgets and click it. A new screen containing mouse settings will open. At the bottom-left corner of this tab, your Magic Mouse’s current battery level will be displayed in both graphical and numeric percentages.

Knowing your Magic Mouse’s battery percentage is crucial if you work in an office setting. You would not want your Magic Mouse to die on you during an office presentation or an intense gaming session with friends.

We will look at all the methods you can opt to check the battery level of your Magic Mouse. Then, we will look at some FAQs related to Magic Mouse.

How To Check the Battery Percentage of the Magic Mouse

Since macOS only warns you if your Magic Mouse’s battery level falls below a crucial point, you will need to manually check the battery level if you wish to know.

There are 2 different methods to display the battery percentage of the Magic Mouse, and we will go through each one. 

Method #1: From System Preferences

By going to the System Preferences tab, we can see information about any connected Bluetooth accessories by clicking on the widget of that accessory. 

Follow these steps to check the battery percentage of your Magic Mouse.

  1. Connect your Bluetooth Magic Mouse with your MacBook.
  2. Click the Apple icon in the upper-left corner and select System Preferences.
  3. From the System Preferences tab, locate the “Mouse” option and click it.
  4. The “Mouse Preferences” tab will open, and the remaining battery percentage of your Magic Mouse will be written at the bottom-left corner of this screen.

You should see “Mouse Battery Level” accompanying a graphical and numeric representation of the remaining battery percentage of your Magic Mouse. 

Method #2: From the Status Bar

This method allows you to check your Mac Magic Mouse or keyboard’s battery life from the macOS status bar. So, this method is a little time-efficient, especially if you frequently need to check the battery percentage of your Magic Mouse.

Depending on the version of your macOS, you may only get a graphical representation of the battery level. Some versions display both the graphic and numeric percentage of battery level. 

Follow these steps to check the battery level of the Magic Mouse from the home screen.

  1. Go to System Preferences and click the “Bluetooth” widget. 
  2. Enable the “Show Bluetooth in Menu Bar” option from the bottom of the “Bluetooth Preferences” window.
  3. Go back to the home screen and click the Bluetooth icon from the top of the screen. A list of all connected Bluetooth devices will be displayed, along with their battery percentages. 

Some macOS versions only display a graphical representation of the remaining battery percentage. While in others, users can also see the numeric percentage of their device’s remaining battery. 


Keeping tabs on the battery level of your Magic Mouse can save you from a lot of troubles, especially if you work on the move. We learned how to check the battery level of your Magic Mouse via the System Preferences tab. We also learned how to enable the option of viewing battery life from the home screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn on/off the Magic Mouse?

There is an on/off switch at the bottom of the Magic Mouse. Slide the button to show the green color to turn the mouse on and vice versa to turn it off.

Can I connect the Magic Mouse to my iPad Pro?

Yes. As the mouse uses Bluetooth to connect, it can be connected to iPads and all versions of MacBook that support Bluetooth. 

How do I connect my Magic Mouse with my MacBook?

Turn on your Magic Mouse by sliding the on/off button on its bottom. Then, go to the “Bluetooth Preferences” window in System Preferences and turn Bluetooth on. Then, click on the “Add Device” button and wait for the Mac to display a list of all available Bluetooth devices. From the list of available devices, select your Magic Mouse, and your MacBook will connect to the selected device. 

How do I charge the Magic Mouse?

To charge the Magic Mouse, put the lightning to USB cable in the charging port of the mouse and connect the other end of the cable to a USB power adapter or your MacBook. Your mouse will automatically start charging.

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