How To Check the Resolution of an Image on iPhone

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Image resolutions can be a pain, especially if you’re trying to use a specific image on a website and it doesn’t fit. Your go-to move will most likely be checking the image resolution, but what if you don’t know how? Well, then give this article a quick read to find the answer to your question. 

Quick Answer

Image resolution is critical when a website uses specific dimensions for an image slot. You can check the image resolution straight from your iPhone in a few quick steps by exporting it to your files. But if that sounds tricky, don’t panic. The steps are simple, and when you read over them once, you’ll be good to go. 

In addition to that, you can find some pointers about how and why image resolution is used. It’s a big deal for most things, and understanding it better makes things easier. If that sounds like what you’ve been looking for, let’s get into it without wasting more time. 

Here’s your guide to checking the resolution of an image on your iPhone or pretty much any other Apple device!

What Is Image Resolution?

Image resolution describes the details of an image. It tells you how visible the lines are and how high the pixel count is. A pixel is an element of the picture; it stands for “picture element.” As the pixel count increases, the photo quality improves, and the resolution increases. 

But there are two kinds of resolution, and the traditional image resolution is just the first one. The other variation is called “digital image resolution,” It works a little differently.  

What Is Digital Image Resolution?

Digital image resolution is based on a JPEG image’s pixel count per inch (PPI). Now, where digital image resolution is concerned, there’s no such thing as too many pixels. 

The more, the better, folks. However, that only runs true for images, videos are a different story, but you don’t need to worry about that now. So let’s move on to why image resolution matters. Because honestly, it can be hard to understand why you need to know how to check the resolution of an image on an iPhone.

Why Is Image Resolution Important?

Okay, now that you know about image resolution, it’s time to try and understand what the fuss is all about. Image resolution is a big deal to people who dabble in photography and editing. “Why,” you ask? It defines the quality of your work once you’re in that industry. 

Because image resolution can mess with the viewing distance of whatever you’re working with at the moment. In other words, image resolution impacts the viewer’s experience a lot. If you want to keep the people happy, you simply have to increase the images’ resolution. 

Where Is Image Resolution Used?

There’s a short and long answer to this, so you’ll get both. The short answer is that it’s everywhere, no kidding. Anything with printing has a resolution, so look around and make a list. 

But the more professional (and longer) answer is that you can find it in print and photography-related stuff. Does your phone have a camera? Good then, it has a specific resolution capacity. It can only zoom in so much before everything gets pixelated and looks like a trippy fever dream. To avoid this, you’ll have to check your image resolution.

How Do You Check Image Resolution on an iPhone?

So, let’s say you’re trying to upload a photo that won’t fit, or you’re trying your hand at iPhone photography and need to check for image resolution. Cool, but do you know how to do that? If your answer is no, then keep reading because this is the part where it becomes crystal clear. 

Step #1: Go to Your Camera Roll and Pick a Photo

Open your camera roll and select the image you want to check.

Step #2: Export the Image to Your Files

The files app gives you detailed information on photos, so you’ll need to export them here. Use the button on the bottom left corner to see your options. Then, scroll down to find the “Save to Files” button. Tap it, and you’ll be good to go.

Step #3: Open Files

Open “Files” and find the image you just exported, and press and hold on the image until the menu pops up. 

Step #4: Select “Get Info”

Select the “Get Info” button and scroll down until you find the image resolution. 

Congrats! You’ve successfully found the resolution of your image! 


You can find the resolution of a picture with the help of your iPhone in a few basic steps. Simply put, you need to import it as a file and grab the information from the 3D touch menu!

Happy exploring!

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