How To Clean AirPods To Make Them Louder

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The Apple AirPods are nowadays the go-to way to listen to podcasts or music and make calls. Their popularity isn’t surprising as AirPods, unlike headphones, have a compact design that works great and is easy to use. However, one issue AirPods have is that they get dirty over time due to dirt, earwax, grime, and dirt impacting your listening experience.

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Fortunately, this issue isn’t something you can’t resolve, and here are the steps you need to follow when cleaning your AirPods.

1) Wipe the AirPods using a microfiber cloth.
2) Get a cotton swab for the difficult-to-reach areas.
3) Use a pencil eraser to wipe down the grime and dirt spots.
4) Use an anti-static to rub the speaker grills.

If you wish to learn more in-depth insights on what you need to do when cleaning your AirPods, look no further. Below in this article is a step-by-step guide on cleaning your AirPods to make them louder.

You’ll also be asked frequently asked questions relating to cleaning your AirPods. Therefore, let’s get started.  

Steps To Follow When Cleaning Your AirPods

Cleaning the AirPods is an intricate process that you must carefully follow to prevent any damage that might make it hard or impossible to hear the sound being played. But you can do all this without having certain tools, and these include:

  • Cotton swabs.
  • Lint-free cloth, ideally microfiber cloth.
  • Clorox antiseptic swipes or 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes. 
  • A dry, soft-bristled brush.

It’s only after having these tools that you can start to clean your AirPods, and here are the steps to follow:

Step #1: Use a Microfiber Cloth To Wipe Your Apple AirPods

Start by holding the microfiber cloth dipped in organic solvent and rubbing it over your AirPods. Unlike regular rags or cloths, microfiber cloth is advised because they don’t leave behind any lint that might destroy the AirPods. In addition, microfiber also does a much better job getting hold of the small particles, unlike a regular cloth.

Step #2: Rub the Hard-To-Access Areas Using the Cotton Swab

Get a cotton swab and use it to gently wipe your AirPods’ soft end through the tiny cracks and crevices. Do this continuously while maintaining great care to ensure you remove all the earwax and dust accumulated over time. It’s best not to place a lot of pressure on the speaker grills; otherwise, you risk causing damage to them.

Step #3: Use a Pencil Eraser To Rub Grime and Dirt Spots

Position your eraser over the place on your AirPods with grime and dirt. Subsequently, start rubbing it back and forth to get rid of any accumulated dirt. After the spot is no longer visible, use your microfiber cloth to rub away the eraser shavings.

Step #4: Brush the Speaker Grills Using Anti-Static Brush

Get an anti-static brush to wipe away the earwax, dirt, or dust stuck on your speaker grills. Alternatively, you can do this with a dry toothbrush, using its bristles to clean the speakers. Make sure to gently place pressure on the speaker grills while cleaning them using the anti-static brush, as you don’t want to destroy them.

Step #5: Use Your AirPods Again

Once you’re done cleaning your AirPods, you can now proceed to use them. You’ll certainly notice a considerable improvement in the sound quality of your AirPods since the wax and dirt build-up will have been removed. But if you don’t see any improvement with your AirPods, this might be a sign that there might have been another issue, for instance, physical damage.   


If your AirPods don’t sound loud enough, it’s possibly because of the dirt and grime accumulated inside it over time. This is why you need to routinely make it a habit to clean your AirPods to make them louder and more pleasing to use. Therefore, you save yourself the trouble of needing to buy a fresh pair of AirPods. 

This exhaustive blog post has detailed everything you have to know on how you can clean your AirPods and make them louder. As a result, you can have much more fun listening to audio files and preventing irreversible damage to your AirPods.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you prevent the quick accumulation of dirt and earwax on your AirPods?

Once your AirPods are clean, you need to implement certain measures to ensure that dirt, dust, earwax, and grime don’t quickly build up again. There are specific tips you can follow to reduce or minimize this from happening, and these include:

1) Place Your AirPods Inside a Case When Not in Use

You should place your AirPods inside a case when they aren’t being used. Doing this safeguards it from physical damage and ensures the case is what gets dirty rather than the AirPods. With that said, you shouldn’t store your AirPods inside your bag or pocket, as they can quickly collect dirt and dust in such places.   

2) Regularly Clean Your Ears

The wax in your ears usually transfers onto your AirPods each time you wear them. Because of this, they get dirty faster and need to be cleaned more frequently. You can best avoid this by making it a habit to clean your ears with a cotton swab regularly. Your focus should be on the exterior parts where the AirPods contact your ears, rather than the ear canals. 

3) Always Wipe Your AirPods Using a Microfiber Cloth After Use

Another great way to prevent your AirPods from becoming too dirty is by cleaning them using a microfiber cloth to remove the accumulated earwax, dust, and dirt. After all, it pays to be proactive to prevent the issue of accumulated dirt, earwax, or dust. This way, you won’t need to clean your AirPods often thoroughly.

4) Don’t Give Your AirPods to Other Individuals

You also don’t want to share your AirPods with your friends or family members if you want them not to accumulate dirt, grime, or earwax much faster. This is because they might not clean their ears often; wax accumulates on your AirPods. They also might not be placing the AirPods inside their case, fastening the accumulation of dirt and dust.

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