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How To Clean an Apple Watch

Cleaning An Apple Watch

Do you want to clean your Apple Watch but don’t know how to do this without damaging your gadget? Cleaning the Apple Watch and removing all the residue seems complicated; however, the process is quite straightforward.  

Quick Answer

To clean your Apple Watch, use a lint-free cloth. Lightly dampen it with fresh water and gently wipe the residue off its components. If you have the Apple Watch Series 7, keep it under light running water for 10 to 15 seconds and use a dry cloth on all sides afterward.

Nobody wants to get infected with germs while using their devices. Therefore, we took the time to write a comprehensive guide on cleaning the Apple Watch with easy step-by-step instructions. 

Things You Need To Clean an Apple Watch

You should clean each component of your Apple Watch to give it a sparkling new look. Moreover, since the coronavirus outbreak, people have been very cautious about germs and bacteria. Therefore, you’ll need the following supplies to clean your Apple Watch thoroughly.

  • A soft cloth.
  • Isopropyl chemical with at least 70% alcohol or disinfecting wipes.
  • Cotton buds.
  • Warm water running from a tap or sink.
  • Brush with soft bristles.

Cleaning an Apple Watch

If you’re struggling to clean your Apple Watch, our four step-by-step methods will assist you in achieving this task without much effort.

Method #1: Cleaning and Drying the Apple Watch

To clean the exterior of your Apple Watch, follow these safe and easy steps.

  1. Turn off the Apple Watch and make sure it is not plugged into a charger.
  2. Remove the band from your Apple Watch if it’s made of leather
  3. Take a clean cloth and wipe the watch from all sides.
  4. If the watch has dust stains, dampen the cloth in warm water and wipe the stains with it.
  5. Dry the surface, sides, and back crystal of the Apple Watch with a clean cloth.
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Cleaning the Apple Watch with soaps, chemical detergents, compressed air, or extreme heat can cause permanent damage to its components.

Method #2: Cleaning and Drying the Digital Crown

If the Digital Crown is stuck due to dust or dirt, you can follow these steps to clean your Apple Watch to make it functional again.

  1. Turn off the Apple Watch and remove it from any charging source.
  2. Remove the leather bands to prevent them from water damage.
  3. Turn on the faucet and keep the Apple Watch under the water for 10-15 seconds.
  4. Take the watch out of the water and clean the Digital Crown with a soft brush to remove dust grains.
  5. Wipe the surface of the Digital Crown with a clean cloth.
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Quick Tip

The Apple Watch Series 7 is water resistant under 50 meters of sea level according to the ISO standard 22810:2010, which makes it safe to clean with tap water

Method #3: Cleaning the Apple Watch Bands

Besides the main component, the Apple Watch bands come in different materials. Therefore, each requires a special cleaning process, explained in the following steps.

Leather Bands

Take a nonabrasive cloth and clean the leather portions of the bands by gently wiping them. If the stains are hard and rough, damp the cloth with fresh water to wipe them off. 

Avoid sinking or washing the leather bands directly under water. Let them dry properly before attaching them to the Apple Watch. Also, avoid placing the band under direct sunlight or extreme temperature as it may ruin their texture.

Solo Loop and Nike Sport Bands

Lightly damp a lint-free cloth with warm water and clean off the bands from both sides. Sports bands resist hand soap cleaning, so you can use it on a clean cloth to wash sweat stains. Wipe the bands with a clean cloth and let them dry before attaching them to the Apple Watch. 

Buckles and Closures

Take a clean cloth and mildly dampen it with fresh water. Wipe it on both sides of the bands to remove any dust or dirt. Use a lint-free cloth to dry the bands before attaching them to the Apple Watch.


The leather band may change the color due to exposure to Ethanol which is usually found in perfumes, lotions, and dyed materials. 

Method #4: Disinfecting the Apple Watch

Cleaning an Apple Watch with water damp cloth is not enough to get rid of germs and bacteria and may require you to disinfect it by following these steps.

  1. Remove the bands from the Apple Watch.
  2. Take Isopropyl or Clorox wipes to clean the Apple Watch’s surface gently.
  3. You can also clean Solo Loop or Sports Bands with alcohol wipes to disinfect them.
  4. Let the alcohol dry off and wipe all the Apple Watch components with a clean cloth.

Do not use alcohol wipes to disinfect leather or fabric bands. Also, avoid using products containing hydrogen peroxide to clean the Apple watch.

Tips To Avoid Skin Allergies From Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is among the most wanted accessories for Apple users, but it may cause skin irritation and allergies, which can be avoided by following these tips.

  • Regularly clean your Apple Watch and bands to avoid itchiness from the sweat.
  • Wear the right fit of the Apple Watch for your wrist. Make sure it’s not too tight or loose.
  • Apple Watch bands come in various materials, so choose the ones that do not irritate your skin.
  • Disinfect the Apple Watch bands by cleaning them with alcohol wipes.


In this guide, we’ve discussed ways to clean Apple Watch, its Digital Crown, and the bands based on their material. We’ve also discussed tips to avoid skin allergies while using the Apple Watch.

We hope our guidelines were convenient to understand and follow, and now you can thoroughly clean your gadget in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I shower with an Apple Watch?

Apple Watch is water resistant, which makes it safe to wear in the shower. However, impacts due to a drop may expose its components to water which can cause permanent damage to it.

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