How To Clean an iPhone Speaker Grill

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Periodically cleaning your iPhone is necessary to rid it of skin cells, dirt, dust, food, or other debris that block the speaker grills and lower the sound quality. In addition, you shouldn’t forget the many microorganisms on your iPhone. Because of this, you need to clean your iPhone, especially the speaker grills. 

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However, cleaning your iPhone often feels tedious but necessary if you don’t want the pile-up of revolting debris in its speaker grills. You can clean the iPhone speaker grills in many different ways.

• Using a soft brush.
• Using masking tape.
• Using a toothpick.
• Using tiny dust blowers.

These approaches will help you clean the speaker grill and remove any unwanted blockage. Continue reading as this guide takes a deeper look at how you can use these methods to clean the iPhone speaker grills. 

Method #1: Using a Soft Bristled Brush  

Apple recommends this method as the safest and most efficient way of cleaning the iPhone speaker grill. When using a soft-bristled brush, here are the steps you must follow.

  1. Remove your iPhone’s case and protectors
  2. Get a flashlight to shine into the speaker grills to get a better look at what’s inside. 
  3. Confirm that your soft-bristled brush is clean and dry
  4. Gently brush the speaker grill from one side to the other. As you do this, place it at a specific angle to ensure the dust is pushed outwards and not inwards. 
  5. Repeat this several times and tap the excess dust from your bristled brush. 

You can also use an old toothbrush but ensure the bristles are either “soft” or “extra soft” by pressing them with your fingers. If the bristles are even slightly hard, don’t use them. 

Method #2: Using Masking Tape

Another effective way of cleaning the iPhone speaker grill is by using painter’s or masking tapes. You should use masking tapes over duct tape or scotch tape because they stick and peel off with greater ease. In addition, they don’t leave any adhesive residues after peeling it off. Here are the steps to follow when using masking tape to clean the iPhone speaker grill.

  1. Take out the screen protector and case from your iPhone. 
  2. Get a flashlight to help you better see the debris inside. 
  3. Wrap a tiny piece of the masking tape around your finger’s tip with the sticky side down. 
  4. Put your finger over the speaker grill and gently move it from one side to another to collect the debris and dust. Don’t place any pressure while doing this because being gentle will be equally effective in reaching inside the speakers. 

However, masking tape won’t be as effective at removing dirt and debris from much deeper speaker holes. 

Method #3: Using Tiny Dust Blowers 

You can also clean the speaker grills of your iPhone by using a tiny dust blower. It’s one of the safest methods you can follow to remove debris and dust from the deeper and delicate spaces on your iPhone. The small dust blower is affordable, so you shouldn’t worry about breaking your bank to get one. 

To be effective, you must place the small dust blower close to the speaker grill to remove all the debris. This method will effectively remove all the non-sticky debris inside the speaker grill. 

Method #4: Using a Toothpick

Using a toothpick is an old-school yet effective approach to cleaning the iPhone speaker grill. But with this technique, you must be especially careful as the slightest mistake could result in you wrecking the iPhone speakers. You can best prevent this by using the toothpick in a well-lit room to perfectly see the small holes on the speaker grills. 

Here are the steps to follow when cleaning using the toothpick.

  1. Take off your iPhone’s case if present.
  2. Prepare your flashlight to help you get a better look at the speaker grill and minimize room for error. 
  3. Carefully insert the toothpick’s sharp end into the speaker holes. Be gentle while doing this, as putting pressure even when you feel resistance could destroy your iPhone’s speakers. 
  4. Slightly move the toothpick position up and sideways while repeatedly pulling in and out. Continue doing this until you flick debris from the iPhone speaker grill. 


Before you start cleaning your iPhone speaker grills, it’s essential to learn about the best ways to do this to avoid doing more harm than good. This is your last thing, considering the iPhone is probably one of your prized possessions. Therefore, you want to implement approved measures to clean your iPhone speaker grills effectively. 

Worry not if you don’t know how to best clean your iPhone speaker grill, as this guide has detailed different effective cleaning techniques. This ensures your iPhone remains in perfect working condition despite the accumulation of different kinds of gunk in the speakers. As a result, you’ll enjoy the superb sound quality and avoid issues of muffle calls. 

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