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After splurging your hard-earned money to buy an iPhone, you’ll want to guarantee its safety from falls and nicks by getting an iPhone leather case. In addition, the case protects your shiny iPhone from fingerprints that might make it look unappealing to the eye. However, this leather case also requires cleaning because it comes into contact with lots of dirt over time. 

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But before you start cleaning your iPhone leather case, you must take necessary precautions to prevent it from being destroyed. These include not exposing the genuine leather case to water and heat. You only need ordinary items such as water, soap, and cloth to clean this leather case. After, you can follow these steps when cleaning the leather case. 

1) Remove water stains 
2) In-depth cleaning using water and soap 
3) Apply a conditioner to maintain the leather case’s softness 

In addition, we’ll look at some of the frequently asked questions many users have regarding cleaning and maintaining a leather case. 

Without further ado, let’s take an in-depth look at these steps you should follow when cleaning the iPhone leather case. 

Remove the Water Stains

Your iPhone leather case will often have water stain marks on its surface. These marks appear because your iPhone case is exposed to liquid that stains it during everyday activities. In addition, the water stains are caused by the sweat released by your palms when using your iPhone. Therefore, you should remove the water stains from your iPhone’s case. 

The process of removing water stains is straightforward. All you need to do is soak the clean towel or sponge in warm water. Consequently, scrub this wet sponge or towel over the water stain with gentle care. While doing this, begin with the stain’s outer section as you move inwards to prevent the water stain from spreading. After that, dry the case using a tissue. 

Perform In-Depth Cleaning Using Water and Soap

After removing the watermarks, you can now proceed to clean your iPhone leather case. However, don’t start doing this before confirming that your iPhone leather case is thoroughly dried

With your iPhone case dry, mix dish soap and water, which you’ll use to get rid of the grime and dirt that’s slowly accumulated over time. Dip the cloth into this mixture and rub it over the leather case. Rinse all the parts of this case made of leather. 

You must uniformly clean all the areas of the leather case to ensure all the parts have a great smell and are pleasing to the eye. This way, you’ll be certain that all the grime, dirt, and dust in the pores on your leather case are removed. With the toxic contaminants removed, your leather case will now breathe well and retain the natural lubricants that give it a healthy look. 

Apply a Conditioner

Once you’re done deep cleaning the leather case, applying a conditioner should be your next goal. Doing this will helps safeguard the leather from cracking due to excessive drying. It also maintains the leather’s softness. 

In addition, it gives the iPhone leather case a soft, supple texture and enriches its color. Applying a conditioner also prolongs the leather case’s lifespan as it makes it stronger, and it does this by strengthening the leather fibers.   

When applying the conditioner, you need a cloth that you’ll gently be applying over the iPhone leather case. After applying the conditioner, place the leather case below a fan for around 15 to 20 minutes. Subsequently, get a dry tissue or sponge to rub the leather case until its surface becomes shiny.

Using leather cleaners and conditioners might alter the color of your iPhone leather case over time. If this happens, don’t be overly concerned as this is normal. 


If you want a case that provides your iPhone with exceptional protection in the event of falls and still looks great, getting a leather case is a no-brainer. However, leather needs great care and maintenance to remain in great shape. Because of this, you must make it a habit to clean your iPhone leather case regularly. 

This exhaustive blog post outlines the steps you should follow when cleaning an iPhone leather case. If you follow the steps explained, your leather case will retain its functionality and exceptional look despite exposure to oils, water, and sunlight. Therefore, you can save money and spend it on other more appropriate matters. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the iPhone Leather Case real leather? 

Yes, the iPhone leather case is manufactured from natural leather. 

How can you keep your iPhone Leather Case look brand new?

You can implement certain measures to help ensure your iPhone leather case retains its excellent look and longevity. Here are some tips you can follow when looking after the iPhone leather case. 

– Never place the leather case in an airtight case for a prolonged duration to prevent moisture buildup that might cause mildew and discoloration. 
– Make sure the leather case is always far from water. 
– Never leave the leather case exposed to direct sunlight. 
– Regularly apply a leather conditioner to preserve your wallet’s quality. 

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