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How To Clean PS4 Controller Sticks

Ps4 Controller

The PlayStation 4 is a high-quality home video gaming console and is one of the best units on the market right now. Controller sticks that come with PS4 elevate the whole gaming experience. However, it’s vital to keep them clean for extended life.

Quick Answer

It is possible to clean PS4 controller sticks using a microfiber cloth damped with isopropyl alcohol or a folded piece of paper to clean dirt trapped in thin gaps. You can also clean the sticks from the inside after pulling the plates apart.  

We have written a comprehensive guide for you explaining things to keep in mind before proceeding with the cleaning process and some methods for clearing out all dirt and debris from the controller sticks.

Things To Keep in Mind Before Cleaning PS4 Controller Sticks

Before initiating the cleaning process, there are some problem areas you need to look out for where grime is most likely to accumulate.

  • The grip zone (the place from where you hold the controller).
  • The gap around the sticks’ edges where front and back plates join.
  • The headset, charging, and expansion ports.
  • The analog sticks.

Methods for Cleaning PS4 Controller Sticks

If you are wondering how to clean PS4 controller sticks, our 3 step-by-step methods will assist you in performing this task without much trouble.

Method #1: Cleaning the Outside of PS4 Controller Sticks

Before pulling the sticks apart, it’s better to wipe them correctly from the outside.

  1. Mix 1 part of water with 1 part of rubbing alcohol and fill this mixture in a spray bottle.
  2. Put the lid back on and gently move the bottle upside down for better mixing.
  3. Take a microfiber cloth and spray 2 to 3 spurts of the mixture.
  4. Wipe down the whole surface of your controller with the damped cloth.
  5. Let the controller air dry before using it again.   
Wiping A Ps Controller

You can also use a lint-free towel, but a microfiber cloth is better at catching dust particles.

Method #2: Cleaning the Inside of PS4 Controller Sticks

Follow the steps below to clean your PS4 controller sticks from the inside.

Step #1: Remove Screws From the Back

Flip the controller over and remove all 4 screws from its back. For best results, use a 4 to 5-inch screwdriver for this.

Step #2: Pull the Plates Apart

Insert a flathead screwdriver in the gap to open the controller sticks and pull the plates apart. Keep pushing upwards till the controller opens up completely.

Step #3: Remove the Ribbon Cable

You will see a ribbon cable now attached to the connecter slot. Pull it out gently and make sure not to break the wire.

Step #4: Gently Pull Out the Parts

Keep on removing all the parts present inside your controller one by one. Ensure to keep everything in order so you can put them back quickly. After accessing the sticks, pull them apart and blow the dust underneath.

Dismantled Ps Controller

Next, take a flat screwdriver to pry open the two green chambers attached to the sticks. Now, remove the white disk and set it aside. 

Dismantling A Ps Controller

Step #5: Commence With Cleaning

Now, use a Q-tip, dip it with alcohol and clean the area where the disk was without leaving any fuzz behind. Let everything air dry and put back the white disk. 

Cleaning A Ps4 Controller

Step #6: Reassemble the Controller

Put all the parts back to their original location. Screw the plates together and use the controller sticks to verify that all controls are working fine.

Method #3: Cleaning Seam and Thin Gaps

Dust and debris accumulate in the seam and thin gaps in the controller sticks. For cleaning these parts, here is what you need to do.

  1. Take a piece of paper, and fold it until it gets sturdy.
  2. Run the paper from its edge through the seam (i.e., the gap where the back and front plates join).
  3. Repeat the process until the controller looks clean. 
  4. Clean all the thin crevices on the controller using the same folded paper.

A wooden toothpick or Q-tip dipped in alcohol can also be used to eliminate any dirt accumulated in the thin gaps and seam of your PS4 controller.

Isopropyl Alcohol And Ps Controller


In this write-up on how to clean PS4 controller sticks, we have explored multiple things you must keep in mind before beginning the cleaning process and discussed 3 simple methods for getting rid of any dirt trapped in your controller.

Hopefully, now you can enjoy a seamless gaming experience due to clean controllers. Keep using these methods now and then to save your PS4 DualShock from getting all dirty and greasy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do dust and debris lead to stick drift?

Yes, stick drift can be caused by dirt or debris entering the module. In simple words, dust is one of the primary reasons users experience controller drift. Keeping the PS4 DualShock away from dusty places is usually recommended to avoid this. Ensure to hold the sticks only with clean hands.

How do I fix a sticky controller stick?

If your controller stick is sticky, you can fix it using rubbing alcohol and cotton buds. For this, unplug the DualShock controller first. Dip the cotton buds in alcohol and rub them on the sticky buttons. Repeat the process till all the stickiness is gone. Let the keys air dry before using the controller again.

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