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How To Clean the Inside of a Laptop

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Your laptop is one of the most important and expensive devices you own, and it needs to be regularly serviced for optimal performance. Knowing how to clean your laptop is an important skill that requires delicate handling of the device as you deal with sensitive parts that can be easily damaged. 

Quick Answer

You can clean the inside of a laptop by first unscrewing it and then using a can of compressed air to blow out the dust. However, if you cannot open your laptop, use a can of compressed air to blow the air at the cooling vents to clean.

Similar to any other tool, laptops can get accumulated dust and debris. We’ll discuss why there is a need to clean the inside of a laptop and how you will be able to do it easily with our step-by-step instructions.

Why Is It Important To Clean the Inside of a Laptop

Let us look at why you need to clean the inside of your laptop periodically. 

  • Removing dust and debris from the laptop keyboard for stuck keys.
  • Extending the life of the laptop through regular maintenance
  • Protect your health because dust accumulating in your laptop can be allergic for some people. 
  • Improving the fan speed and preventing the laptop from overheating.
  • To prevent your battery drainage, which is a consequence of laptop overheating.
  • To maintain/improve the overall speed and performance of your laptop.

Cleaning the Inside of a Laptop

Depending on the circumstance, you can clean the inside of a laptop through various approaches. We’ll ensure that our step-by-step instructions will help you go through the process of completing this task without any hassle.

We’ll also discuss contacting your manufacturer to perform the necessary service. So, without any delay here are the two methods that can be adopted to clean the inside of a laptop. 

Method #1: Cleaning Laptops From the Inside

If your laptop can be opened by unscrewing the bottom panel, here is how you should clean it. 

Step #1: Unscrewing the Laptop

The first step is to open the laptop to access the inner components. Wear a mask before you start the cleaning process to avoid breathing in any of the dust.

Shut down your laptop and unplug it from the power outlet. Close the laptop lid and place it face down on a flat surface. Remove the battery and use a screwdriver to remove the screws attached to the specific part of the laptop you want to disassemble.

Next, flip the laptop, gently detach the touchpad and remove its wire from the laptop. Now detach the keyboard and disconnect it to access the laptop’s internal parts.

Image 127

If you are unsure how to open your laptop, follow the instructions on your laptop’s service manual. 

Step #2: Starting the Cleaning Process

Take your laptop to a place where you are okay with it getting dusty, and place it on a gentle surface that won’t damage the laptop screen. Use a duster or brush to clean the dust accumulated in different parts of your laptop.

Next, use a can of compressed air to blow out the scattered dust left. When cleaning the dust from case fans, use your finger to prevent it from rolling as the fan blades are quite delicate and may break.

Finally, put all the components back in place, screw the panel back and plug in the battery. Turn your laptop back ON to see if it works fine after the cleaning.

Image 128

Don’t use a vacuum cleaner to clean your laptop as it creates static electricity that can damage your laptop. 

Method #2: Cleaning Laptops That Can’t Be Opened

Many laptop manufacturers have designed their laptops so that you won’t be able to open them. However, the dust still accumulates inside them that plug up the vents and the cooling fan

Here is how to clean a laptop you are unable to open.

  1. Take the laptop to an open area and place it on a gentle surface.
  2. Grab a can of compressed air and point it at the laptop’s cooling vents.
  3. Now blow air in short bursts to remove dust particles from the vents and the fan.
    Image 123 

A blast of compressed air, if blown directly at the fan inside a vent, can damage it.

Contacting the Manufacturer for Servicing

If your laptop is overheating and you cannot open it to clean it from the inside, the chances are that a lot of dust and debris is stuck inside. Thus, it is better to contact your manufacturer for service. If your laptop is under warranty, they will be able to help you.


In this guide on how to clean your laptop from the inside, we have looked into the reasons for cleaning the dust accumulated inside the laptop over time and how to get rid of it using two easy-to-follow methods.

We have also explored when there is a need for you to contact your laptop’s manufacturer for complete service. We hope that one of the methods worked for you and that your laptop is now tidy from the inside.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you clean your laptop?

Fan and keyboard cleaning is recommended every three to six months. 

However, if you are using your laptop in a dusty environment, you may want to increase the frequency of the cleaning process to ensure that your laptop is free of germs, delivers optimal performance, reduce the dust and debris buildup, and avoid overheating issues. 

What to do if water gets inside the Laptop? 

Here is what you should do if water gets inside your laptop, shut it down and turn it upside down. Now take out the battery and leave the laptop in a cool, dry place for at least 48 hours. Finally, put the battery back in and see if your laptop is working fine. 

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