How To Clear Chrome Cache on iPhone

Clear Browsing Data On Iphone Chrome

The iPhone is known for its RAM management. However, Google Chrome is known for its ability to take even the most resource-intensive systems down to their knees. When that happens, you’ll often run into glitches and crashes. You’ll need to clear your cache on your iPhone’s Google Chrome to fix them.

Quick Answer

To clear the cache on iPhone Chrome, you’ll need to perform the following steps:

1) Open Google Chrome.
2) Now, head to “Settings” > “Privacy” > “Cached Images And Files”.
3) Tap on “Clear Cached Images And Files”.

In this article, we will be exploring exactly how you can clear your cache on iPhone Chrome and the reasons why you should do so in the first place. So, read on!

When Should I Clear Cache On iPhone Chrome?

A browser’s cache stores data from your most frequent websites directly on your phone. This is to help them load faster and helps you consume less cellular data as your phone will fetch some of the components of the website directly from its storage.

In most cases, caching runs extremely well and has a noticeable benefit on loading times, fluidity, and how much data your phone consumes when loading a site a few times. 

But, there are instances where clearing cache on an iPhone Chrome can be helpful. They are:

  • Low On Storage: Caching stores components directly from websites on your iPhone. This can start taking up a lot of space extremely quickly. So, if you are running low on space, the first thing you should delete is your cache.
  • Websites Not Loading: Sometimes, caches can get corrupt. When that happens, your iPhone will try to fetch a component that simply isn’t working properly. Because of that, the entire website will not load. So, clearing your cache can rid you of that woe.
  • Website Not Updating: If you load into a website and seem not to be getting its updated version, then the chances are that components are being loaded from your cache and aren’t being refreshed properly. To force a refresh, you’ll need to clear your cache.
  • Replacing Phone: If you are getting a new iPhone or lending yours for a few days, sensitive information like your login data is stored in your cookies and cache. Therefore, delete both before you hand your device to someone else. 

Besides the reasons mentioned above, you shouldn’t be deleting your cache under any circumstance as it can severely impact your browsing speed.  

How To Clear Cache On Your iPhone and Google Chrome

Clearing your cache on an iPhone is the same way you would do so on a computer on an Android device. It is a bit easier as you won’t have to dabble into needless settings or go into hidden menus as you do on the desktop version of Google Chrome.

Here’s how you can clear the cache on iPhone Chrome:

  1. Open the Google Chrome application on your iPhone.
  2. Now, tap on the three dots present at the bottom of your screen.
  3. After doing so, head to “Settings”.
    Image 75
  4. Once there, tap on “Privacy”.
    Image 76
  5. Now, tap on “Clear Browsing Data”.
    Image 77
  6. You are now able to select exactly what you wish to delete, in this case, we’ll be selecting “Cached Images and Files”.
  7. Once you’ve selected what you wish to clear, tap on “Clear Cached Images and Files” at the bottom, and your cache will be removed. 
    Image 78

Do note though, that you’ll need to clear your cache for each device as different components of websites are stored on different devices depending on what websites you visit on those particular gadgets. 


If you are still running into issues even after clearing your cache, then we recommend clearing your Cookies, Site Data, and Browsing History. This will help ensure that whatever issue you face is not because of your browser.


Clearing your cache on iPhone Chrome isn’t a task you need to do normally. However, when you run into certain bottlenecks, such as sites not loading properly or you running out of storage, then you might just need to pull the trigger and clear your cache.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does clearing cache on iPhone Chrome remove saved passwords?

No, saved passwords are not removed because you clear your cache in Google Chrome on an iPhone. All that is removed is local data stored on your phone to help load the website faster. Session data is still preserved.

How do I clear the Google App cache?

To clear the Google app cache on an iPhone, open Google Chrome, head to “Settings” > “Privacy”, then select “Cached Images and Files” and tap on “Clear”. Do note that you’ll need to repeat the same process for each device whose cache you wish to clear.

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