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How To Clear Facebook Cache on Android

Facebook On Android

The Facebook cache is a function that stores data in cache memory so that if it is required in the future, you do not have to download this data again. Some files related to specific functions are also stored in cache memory, which saves time in the execution of these functions again and again. But you might need to clear the Facebook cache on your android as it takes up storage.

Quick Answer

To clear the Facebook cache, go to Settings, scroll to “Apps”, then click “Facebook” from the list of applications to open details. Then, tap “Storage and Cache” to access storage and cache details. Then, click “Clear Cache” to delete the Facebook cache.

There are various reasons why you might need to clear your Facebook cache. Sometimes the app becomes buggy and can be restored by clearing the cache. Over time, cache memory takes up considerable storage space on your device, so you might want to clear it to free up space.

We will also go through some Facebook storage and cache FAQs at the end.

Clear Facebook Cache on Android

If you are not facing any functionality or storage issues, keeping the Facebook cache will improve your user experience

But if you need to clear it, follow the steps below to clear Facebook without impairing storage safely.


Facebook storage and Facebook cache are entirely different from each other. Deleting cache will not affect the application in any visible way, but if you delete Facebook storage, all your accounts, data, and files related to Facebook will be deleted. 

Step #1: Open the Application Drawer

Open your Android Settings either via the notifications panel or the main menu. Then, scroll down to find the “Applications Management” window. 

Image 8

Click the App Drawer, where all installed applications are listed. 

Step #2: Open Facebook Settings via the Application Drawer

Now, scroll down in the list of applications and search for “Facebook”.

Image 9

Tap “Facebook” to open the app details related to app size, user data, storage, cache, etc., as shown in the picture below.

Image 10

In some Android versions, there is a separate option to access “Storage and Cache”; in other versions, these details are listed in the Facebook details window.

Step #3: Clear Facebook Cache

On the application details page, look for the “Clear Cache” option and click on it to clear your Facebook cache. 

Image 11

If this operation were successful, you would see that your current Facebook cache memory is 0 bytes. This is also shown in the picture below, where cache memory is 0 B now, whereas previously, it was 69.63 kB.

Image 12
Keep in Mind

You will not be asked for a confirmation before clearing the cache, so only proceed with this method if you are confident that you want to clear your Facebook cache.


Facebook cache memory stores data specifically for enhancing the user experience, but that does not mean it is necessary to keep it. We went through a step-by-step guide on how to clear your Facebook cache memory from your android device. Clearing your cache can be a good practice if your app seems buggy or if you are looking to free up extra storage space on your android device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Facebook storage the same as Facebook cache?

No. Facebook storage is data about user accounts, files, etc., while cache, on the other hand, is data stored to enhance user experience. 

How do I avoid Facebook from taking up too much storage space?

The Facebook app is designed to take up storage and resources on your android device. Deleting the application or accessing Facebook via the web browser is an excellent way to save device memory. Another way to save resources and memory is to download Facebook Lite, a low resource-intensive version of Facebook.

How do I stop Facebook from eating up all mobile data even when it is not being used?

Applications that are dependent on the internet will always update notifications every time your device is connected to the internet, and Facebook is no exception. You can apply a little hack to save up on mobile data is to going to Facebook settings and disabling the app before turning on mobile data. This way, the app won’t run in the background and only use data when you specifically open the app. 

Is the Facebook app tracking me?

The app is not secretly listening to your conversations, so no. But it does collect data specific to you and associate this data with your profile. Then this data is sold to marketers and other companies seeking it. Personal data is becoming a currency of the future, and everyone is after it. 

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