How To Clear the Clipboard on Android

Clipboard On Android

Android is one of the most widely used technology in the world, with a unique innovation that numerous people crave in the market. It’s a user-friendly mobile operating system with easily accessible functions. One is the clipboard, a temporary storage space for copied content before pasting it in the desired location. In a situation where the space is overcrowded, you need to learn how to clear the clipboard on Android.  

Quick Answer

Ideally, you can clear the entries that stay on the Android clipboard with a few clicks. To clear the clipboard, choose an app that supports the on-screen keyboard and copying contents and tap the empty space to access the keyboard. Press the menu icon to locate the clipboard. Mark the part to delete and press the delete icon to clear the storage space.

Clearing the data stored in the clipboard of your Android device will make your smartphone run faster and give more space for other temporary data. 

So, since you must erase or delete every unwanted clipboard data, we’ll explore the steps to get it done in this piece. 

Step-by-Step Method To Clear the Clipboard on Android

Every phone produced comes with a specific storage capacity. This is why you need to mind what you save on your data.

Your space may be heavily occupied by your videos, photos, or documents. The regular action that most of us do, copying a text and pasting, also eats up space. Although it’s minor, you need to learn how to manage it. Below is a single step-by-step method to clear the clipboard on Android.

Quick Tip

Before you start the clearing process, ensure that your device is well-charged. You may need to repeat the steps if your device is turned off.

You can clear the clipboard from your keyboard panel if your device is Samsung or any Android that is not a stock version.

Step #1: Choose an App Supporting an On-Screen Keyboard

You should start by opening any app on your device that supports a keyboard panel. An example is the Messages app. Ensure that you can copy contents from such an app. 

Step #2: Tap the Space

To access the keyboard panel, press the empty space. On the on-screen keyboard, you will find several icons. Go for the three dots or arrows you can see at the panel’s top-right corner. You will see “Clipboard” as part of the available options; select it to see the list of copied clipboard data.

Step #3: Mark the Part To Delete

You will see several clipboard contents. Choose the one to delete by performing a long press. After that, hit the “Delete” icon at the bottom of the keyboard panel to delete the specific data.


Ensure you select the appropriate part before hitting the “Delete” icon. This is because once the data is deleted, there is no room for retrieval.

If your device has a different display or setting, you may not find the “Delete” option after marking the part. So check the menu, usually in the top-right corner, to find the “Clear” button. Press it to delete the content.

Step #4: Delete All

This is an optional step, which you can take when you decide to clear all the unselected clipboard contents. It really makes things easier. All you do is long press on any part, and instead of selecting the contents one by one, which takes your time, select the “All” option at the bottom of the keyboard and hit the “Delete” icon to sacrifice all the data for empty space. 


Since too many contents in your Android clipboard can slow your device down and potentially compromise important data, the steps in this article will help you clear them. Learn and apply these steps to remove the data for empty space.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I turn off the Android clipboard?

The first step toward turning off the clipboard feature on Android is opening the on-screen keyboard. Hit the clipboard button. You will see a pencil icon; press the toggle next to it.

How can I clear the clipboard on stock Android?

If you’re using a device that runs stock Android, the first step toward clearing the clipboard is opening the keyboard panel. Then, hit the clipboard button. Press and hold the saved data and click “Delete”. Do the same for other content.

How can I clear the clipboard on Android 10 and above?

1. Install Gboard on your smartphone.
2. Launch the Settings app and choose the Gboard app as the default input option.
3. Open a texting app.
4. Press and hold any word to see the clipboard options.
5. Hit “Clipboard” or press the three-dotted icon before selecting “Clipboard”.
6. On the clipboard history, press and hold any data to delete.
7. Hit the “Delete” icon.

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