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How To Connect a Mouse to a Chromebook


Chromebooks are not much different from laptops, but people still often get confused about how to connect a mouse to them. While a wired mouse can be connected easily, you need to follow some extra steps to connect a wireless mouse.

Quick Answer

To connect a wireless mouse to your Chromebook, you need to turn on the Bluetooth on your device. Then, you can click on the mouse’s name to connect it. For an RF mouse, you will need to plug the receiver into a USB port.

Mice come in different shapes and sizes. Some of them are wired, while others are wireless. To connect a wired mouse to a Chromebook, you must plug it into the USB port and nothing else. 

In this guide, we will talk about connecting a mouse to a Chromebook so you can ditch the touchpad for good.

How To Connect a Mouse to a Chromebook 

As for wireless mice, you can find two types of them on the market. The first uses Bluetooth technology, and the second uses RF transmitters. The RF transmitters come with a receiver that can be found either inside the mouse or the box. But while both of them work wirelessly, they can not be connected the same way.

How To Connect a Bluetooth Mouse to a Chromebook

Connecting a Bluetooth mouse to a Chromebook is a pretty straightforward task. It will hardly take you a minute to do it. The process is the same as connecting any other Bluetooth device to the Chromebook. But if you haven’t done this before, follow the steps below.

  1. Turn on your Bluetooth mouse. In most cases, you will find a switch at the bottom of the mouse, which can be used to turn it on or off.
  2. Turn on your Chromebook and go to the desktop. 
  3. Click on the icons found in the bottom left corner of the desktop.
  4. From the small window that will appear on your screen, click on “Bluetooth”.
  5. This will turn on Bluetooth, and your Chromebook will now start scanning for nearby devices.
  6. If your mouse is turned on, it will appear in the Bluetooth menu.
  7. You can then click on it to connect it to your Chromebook.

Once done, you can start using your Bluetooth mouse with your Chromebook. If the mouse isn’t working, try connecting it again after removing it from the list of paired devices. 

How To Connect an RF Mouse to a Chromebook

Like a Bluetooth mouse, an RF (radio frequency) mouse also works wirelessly. However, you need to connect it to a mouse receiver instead of Bluetooth.

  1. Open your mouse box and look for a tiny USB receiver. If you can’t find it inside the box, try looking for it next to your mouse’s batteries.
  2. Plug the USB receiver into a USB port on your Chromebook. It doesn’t matter which one you plug it into.
  3. Turn on your mouse, and your Chromebook will instantly pick it up. 

You can now start using your RF mouse with your Chromebook. If it isn’t working, take out the USB receiver and plug it in again. 

Keep in Mind

It is important to remember that before purchasing an RF mouse for your Chromebook, make sure that it is Chromebook-certified. Only the mice that are Chromebook-certified will work on your device.


This was how to connect a mouse to a Chromebook. As you can see, the process is pretty simple, and you will hardly spend a minute connecting it. Both types of mice work wirelessly, and you won’t face any problems using them. However, before purchasing an RF mouse, ensure it is Chromebook-certified. Otherwise, it won’t work. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Bluetooth mouse not working on my Chromebook?

If your Bluetooth mouse is not working on your Chromebook, you will need to remove it from the list of paired devices and connect it again. But if the problem is not going away, try restarting your Chromebook.

Why is my RF mouse not working on my Chromebook?

If your RF mouse is not working on your Chromebook, you will need to take out the USB receiver from the port and plug it back in again. Sometimes, the Chromebook fails to pick up the signal the first time.

What if my RF mouse is not Chromebook-certified? 

If your RF mouse is not Chromebook-certified, it will not work. This is because, for other mice, you need to download drivers. However, Chromebook does not allow users to download drivers, which is why Chromebook-certified mice exist. 

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