How To Connect AirPods to Dell Laptop

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AirPods are levels ahead of many wired and wireless earphones currently on the market when it comes to headsets. They are hands-free, portable, and have excellent audio output quality.

Luckily, this experience is not only limited to those with Apple devices. If you have a Dell laptop, you can still connect AirPods to it for an incredible audio experience.

Quick Answer

Connecting AirPods to a Dell laptop is pretty simple. You only need to sync the AirPods with the laptop using Bluetooth. After both devices sync, place the AirPods in your ears, then play some music on the laptop. You should hear the song using the AirPods.

For more detailed steps on connecting AirPods to your Dell laptop, read this article to the end.

Overview of Connecting AirPods to Dell Laptop

As earlier mentioned, it’s possible to connect AirPods to your Dell. Still, you may be concerned about the AirPods audio quality when using a Windows PC like Dell. The truth is that AirPods work best with other Apple products. 

But, this shouldn’t stop you from using AirPods with your Dell laptop. Even though the audio quality may be lower than when using another Apple product, the overall quality will be better than most earbuds.

Before connecting AirPods to your laptop, you should ensure that your Dell laptop has in-built Bluetooth capability. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to use a Bluetooth adapter. Fortunately, connecting a Bluetooth adapter is straightforward. Just plug In the adapter into the laptop’s USB port. After, click on the laptop’s “Settings” > “Devices” > “Add other Device” > “Bluetooth.”

After adding the Bluetooth adapter, it’s time to connect the AirPods to your Dell laptop.

Connecting AirPods to Dell Laptop: Step-by-Step Guide

If you want to connect your AirPods to your Dell laptop, follow the steps below to get the best experience:

  1. Ensure the AirPods are fully charged before putting them back in their case.
  2. Click on “Settings.” Usually, it’s the icon right above the power button on the laptop. Alternatively, you can search “Settings” in the menu search box.
  3. Under “Settings,” scroll to find “Devices.”
  4. On this “Devices” section, you will see an “Add Bluetooth or other devices” section. Click on it.
  5. If the “Bluetooth” toggle below this option indicates “Off,” slide it to “On.” Typically, it will change from white to blue, indicating Bluetooth is on.
  6. Next, open the AirPods case.
  7. Long-press the button at the back of the AirPods case until the case lights start blinking.
  8. Release the button after the case lights steady.
  9. Check the “Devices” tab on the laptop to see if there’s an “AirPods” option. If you see the “Headphones,” wait a few seconds until the name changes to “AirPods.”
  10. Click on “AirPods” under the devices section.
  11. After the AirPods connect to the laptop, you will see a success message. If not, there’ll be a “Done” option. Click on it.
  12. Play something on the laptop, then place the AirPods in your ears. The connection is successful if you can hear whatever is playing on the laptop through the AirPods.

What To Do if AirPods Fail To Connect to Dell Laptop

Sometimes, the name “AirPods” fails to appear under your laptop’s “Add Bluetooth devices” section. This is an indication that the Bluetooth connection has failed. 

To fix this problem, take the following steps:

  1. Ensure that AirPod case lights are flickering and the AirPods are fully charged.
  2. Place the AirPods in a different position around your Dell laptop, then attempt the connection process again.
  3. Try connecting a different Bluetooth device to your Dell laptop. If the process is successful, attempt to reconnect the AirPods to the laptop again. If the laptop fails to connect to a different Bluetooth device, your laptop’s Bluetooth signal might be the problem.

If AirPods fail to connect to your Dell laptop, the main issue is usually the Bluetooth signal. If the laptop’s signal is not the problem, the AirPods may be the issue. Escalate the matter to the Apple contact center for further assistance.


As learned from this article, you don’t need Apple devices to enjoy using AirPods. Your Dell laptop works just fine. Remember to ensure that the computer has in-built Bluetooth reception before connecting AirPods to your laptop. If not, you can automatically use a Bluetooth adapter to help the laptop detect the AirPods.

Frequently Asked Questions

How well do AirPods work with Dell laptops?

Generally, AirPods pair more smoothly and efficiently with other Apple devices, but the difference in output quality when using a Dell laptop is only slight.

Does using AirPods with my Dell laptop affect their lifespan?

There may be a drop in the AirPods battery life and a slight change in the audio quality when you move around while something is playing on the AirPods. But, these factors will not affect the AirPods’ lifespan.

How can I disconnect AirPods from my Dell laptop?

Disconnecting AirPods from your Dell laptop is simple. Go to “Settings” > “Add Bluetooth and Other Device.” Under “AirPods,” Click on “Remove.”

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