How To Connect Canon Printer to iPhone

Canon Printer

Connecting an iPhone with any other device has been a task that proves difficult due to the protective software installed in it. You should not have to be stuck because you want to print a file with a Canon Printer from your iPhone.

You can now connect your Canon printer to an iPhone by using a wireless connection, either an inbuilt setting or an external app. This guide will walk you through how to connect your Canon printer to your iPhone with ease.

Connecting Canon Printer to iPhone

Here’s how you can connect your Canon printer to your iPhone.

Step #1: Confirm Your iOS Version

Not all iOS versions can work with SELPHY, so you can confirm your iOS version in your settings and see if an update is available. You can find your software version on the About page in Settings.

Step #2: Install Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY

After confirming that your software is compatible with the software, go to the App Store and download the app.

  1. Launch the App Store.
  2. Click on the Search icon.
  3. Type Canon PRINT Inkjet/ SELPHY in the search box
  4. Install and launch the app.

Step #3: Connect the App to the Phone and the Printer

After installing the app, you have to prepare the phone for the connection and connect it to the printer.

  1. Set up the App – Once you launch the app, follow some guidelines. Read carefully and carry out the instructions given.
  2. Put on your Wi-Fi connection – Your Wi-Fi is essential because no connection can be made to the printer without it. Ensure your phone is not on airplane mode.
  3. Register the printer on your Phone – To create the link between your phone and the printer, you have to register the printer first. An option will pop up to connect the printer to your phone via Wi-Fi. Select the correct option so that you will be able to print with the Airprint feature.
  4. Connect to Canon printer – After you have enabled the feature that allows you to connect to a printer, you can now connect to the Canon printer. Go to the Wi-Fi option on the printer and select the phone’s available Wi-Fi. Then, input the password.

After successfully connecting it, you can choose the files and start printing.

Connecting iPad With Canon Printer

Connecting the iPad to a Canon printer has similar steps to connecting other Apple devices to the Canon Printer. But ensure you have a Canon printer that supports AirPrint.

  1. Download the Canon print Inkjet app.
  2. Install and launch the app.
  3. Turn on Wi-Fi on both devices.
  4. Set up the printer.
  5. Register the printer on the iPad.
  6. Connect the iPad to the printer.
  7. Enter password where necessary and ensure connection.
  8. Print your document.

Printing With Airprint Without Installing Any Software

Airprint allows you to print with a wireless connection without downloading any external app. But this is only allowed on devices with the most updated iOS version(all iPads, 3rd generation or later iPods, 3GS, or later iPhones).

  1. Connect the device and printer with a Wi-Fi connection.
  2. Get on with the operation and select the documents you want to print on the device. The print options can be chosen directly in apps like web pages, email, photos, and documents.
  3. Choose print.
  4. When you choose the print option, the pop-out menu will contain the specification options you want; the number of copies, duplex printing, range, and the likes.
  5. Choose your specifications and print.


The one thing necessary in connecting your Apple devices to your Canon printer is your Wi-fi; that is not to say other apps are not helpful. But without the wireless connection via Wi-Fi, nothing can be done.

Install the necessary app, put on Wi-Fi for both devices, connect the devices, set the required specifications, and print your document. It might seem tedious at first, but you will get the hang of it and do it quickly after a while.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do if my iPhone does not connect to the printer?

Your iPhone is supposed to connect to the printer without delay if you did the right thing. If you find yourself encountering a delay or non-connection, try these.

1) Confirm if you have put in place all you ought to; Wi-Fi on, AIrplane mode Off, and the likes.
2) Restart your phone; if you have put all the necessary things in place and it still does not connect. Switch off your phone for a few seconds, then restart it. You can also do the same to the printer.
3) Update your devices to the latest version: If the apps involved are not updated, it might pose a problem. Update your devices’ software to the latest version and update the apps with the most recent version. The printer’s software can also be updated.
4) Send a complaint: If the problem persists afterward, contact the Apple support team to let them know the issue you are facing.

What can I do if the document does not get printed?

If the devices connect, yet you do not see any sign of the document being printed, try the following:

1) Restart the printer.
2) Confirm that your phone and the printer are connected to each other and not other devices.
3) Confirm to see if the printer has ink and paper.
4) Check the printer’s screen to see if you got any error messages.

How can I delete a print job?

1) Open the printer app on your device and cancel it, or check off the items you no longer want to print.
2) Cancel it on the printer screen.

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