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How To Connect Nintendo Switch to Laptop

304 How To Connect Nintendo Switch To Laptop

The TV’s large screen is good enough for playing games, but there are times when you want to get comfortable and play the games on your laptop. However, unlike the TV, the computer is not built to be an input device, which means you cannot directly connect the Nintendo Switch to the laptop.

What alternative do you have to connect your computer to your Nintendo Switch? You will find out in this article.

What You Need To Connect the Nintendo Switch to Your Laptop

  • Functional Nintendo Switch. If you are going to connect a Nintendo Switch, it must be a functioning one. 
  • Capture card. The capture card is what converts the video signals to digital signals. You can also use it to save and record gameplay to other devices. It is what connects your HDMI to your laptop.
  • Nintendo dock. It is hardware that allows you to project your games on a larger screen. It comes with a game console, and it has an integrated AC adapter with an HDMI cable.
  • HDMI cable. The HDMI connects the laptop and the Nintendo Switch via the capture card. Luckily, you do not have to look for it as it comes with the capture card or Nintendo Switch.
  • Software. The capture card needs streaming software to work. You can download any of the streaming software.

How To Connect Your Nintendo Switch to Your Laptop

If you have all the pre-requisites for connecting your Nintendo Switch to a laptop, it’s time to dive into how to do it. Let’s begin.

Step #1: Connect the Nintendo Switch to Your Capture Card

Disconnect the Nintendo Switch from your TV, and while still connected to your HDMI cable, connect it to your capture card. 


Connect your Nintendo Switch to the power supply because its battery will drain faster when connected to the capture card and laptop.

Step #2: Connect the Nintendo Switch to Your Laptop

  1. Boot up your laptop.
  2. Turn on your Nintendo Switch.
  3. Connect the capture card and Nintendo Switch to your laptop.

Step #3: Link the Devices

  1. After connecting the capture card to the computer, open the capture card software you downloaded. 
  2. Launch the streaming software; it should be able to recognize the Nintendo Switch at that moment.

If the software does not immediately recognize the Nintendo Switch, reconnect the different ports: HDMI cable, capture card, and Nintendo Switch.

Step #4: Customize Your Settings

You can set the game to fullscreen, then set the audio inputs and configure the sounds. If you like, you can also record the game, play the game live and chat while at it.

How Else To Play Nintendo Switch Games on Your Laptop

If you cannot stream your game live on the laptop, you can play the PC versions of the Nintendo Switch games. Some of the Nintendo Switch games are available on Microsoft Store. Not only do you get to download and play the game, but you can also continue the games from where you stopped on the console and vice versa.


Bringing your Nintendo Switch games to the comfort of your laptop is bliss. All you have to do is get the connection tools ready and get into it. You should also not limit yourself to the Switch; you can use many controllers with laptops. Download the games and have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the capture card necessary for the connection to the laptop?

Yes, the laptop is built to be an HDMI output device. If you want it to function as an input device, you need an external device, which is the capture card.

Do all laptops have HDMI ports?

Yes, check the side of your laptop. There are different ports, but the HDMI port stands out.

Can I record my game on the laptop?

Yes, the capture card has a feature that allows you to record your gameplay. The service is not free but affordable and worth the price.

Do I have to connect my Nintendo Switch Controller to the laptop?

No, you do not have to. You can use your mouse and keyboard to play the games. But if you want the whole experience – motion sensors, directional pads, and all that comes with the controllers – you can connect your controller to the laptop. 

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