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How To Connect Phones to Smart TVs Without Wi-Fi

Phone To Smart Tv

Technology has advanced over the years and has given us comfort and new ways of entertainment. Wi-Fi is one of the most vital things to exist. Devices like Chromecast let us mirror our smartphones on the big screen—smart TVs, to be precise. But what if there’s no Wi-Fi available and you want to mirror your smartphone on the TV? 

Quick Answer

Here’s how you can connect your phone to a smart TV without Wi-Fi.

For Android, there are two basic methods,

• HDMI out through USB-C.
• Using Miracast.

For iOS, there are two most used methods as well.

• Using Apple’s Digital AV Lightning Adapter.
• Using Apple TV or other AirPlay broadcast-supported device.

This article will cover all the known methods of connecting your smartphone, be it Android or iOS, to your smart TV alongside some extra info.

Connecting Android Phones to Smart TVs Without Wi-Fi

If you don’t have Wi-Fi, there are two straightforward ways to connect your Android phone to a smart TV. Let’s dive in.

Method #1: HDMI Out Through USB-C

Modern-day Android smartphones come with a USB-C port for charging, but it does include some extra features—like using the USB-C for audio or simply outputting your phone’s display over the smart TV. You can do this by getting the USB-C to HDMI converter

Here’s how you can do the same to broadcast your phone’s screen on the smart TV.

  1. Plug the USB-C to HDMI converter into your Android phone.
  2. Connect the HDMI cable to your smart TV.
  3. Connect HDMI cable with USB-C to HDMI converter.

Once done, the phone will start broadcasting itself on the smart TV! And that’s pretty much it. You have successfully mirrored your Android phone’s screen on the smart TV.

Keep in Mind

With a USB-C connection, you’ll be experiencing little to no latency. So, if you want to play big games on the big screen, this is an excellent method.

Method #2: Using Miracast

Miracast is the quickest way to mirror your Android phone on the smart TV. It doesn’t require investment as it’s a built-in feature in Android phones and smart TVs. Miracast is built on top of Wi-Fi Direct. It works like Bluetooth, helping the two devices communicate by pairing.

Here are the steps you can follow to connect your Android phone with the smart TV.

  1. Open the screencast setting from the pull-down menu or the Settings application.
  2. Tap the search option for available devices. It will start searching for devices on your local network.
  3. Open the screen mirroring app from the input menu of your smart TV.
  4. Your smart TV will appear on available devices on your Android phone. Touch it to pair.

Once done, the smart TV will start broadcasting your phone’s display.


Your smart TV will need to be connected to the same network via LAN or Wi-Fi as your phone.

Connecting iPhones to Smart TVs Without Wi-Fi

Are you an iPhone user? No need to fret! We’ll also discuss two ways to cast your iPhone’s screen to a smart TV even when there’s no Wi-Fi. Read on to learn more!

Method #1: Using Apple’s Digital AV Lightning Adapter

Apple products are highly focused on their eco-system. It makes it a bit hard and tricky to connect them with non-Apple products. Apple’s Digital AV Lightning Adapter lets you exactly do that with ease.

Here’s how you can easily connect your iOS device, either iPhone or iPad, with the smart TV.

  1. Connect the adapter at the bottom of your iOS device.
  2. Connect an HDMI cable to your smart TV.
  3. Plug the HDMI cable into the adapter.

When it’s done, enjoy the iOS experience on a big screen.

Method #2: Using Apple TV or Third-Party Apple TV Broadcast Supported Device

This is a viable option when you have an Apple TV device at home and wants to connect your iPhone or iPad with the smart TV without Wi-Fi. It uses a feature called Peer-to-Peer AirPlay which uses Wi-Fi Direct and Bluetooth.

Here are the steps you can follow to connect your iOS device with the smart TV.

  1. Turn on Wi-Fi on TV and iPhone but disconnect it from the internet.
  2. Connect your Apple TV device with the smart TV.
  3. Pair your iPhone with Apple TV over Bluetooth.
  4. Go to the AirPlay device selection screen on your iPhone.
  5. Select “Apple TV” on your iPhone, and your device will start broadcasting.

That’s all! You have successfully connected your iPhone or iPad to a smart TV without Wi-Fi.


Connecting your smartphone, whether an iPhone or an Android, with a TV without Wi-Fi will always demand an external device or an adapter unless you use a method that utilizes Wi-Fi Direct like Miracast or AirPlay. In any case, you won’t need to use the internet for any of these methods.

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