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How To Control the Lights With Google Home

Google Home Lighting

Technology integration into everyday life has made living easier and more comfortable. One such example is Google Home, which can operate smart appliances across your house with the whim of a smartphone screen swipe or by voice commands. 

Quick Answer

To control lights with Google Home, you first need to download the Google Home application on your smartphone/tablet and create an account. After creating an account, connect the supported appliances with Google Home. Then, set up voice commands to control lights with Google Home.

The possibilities with Google Home are endless. Users can control smart appliances like lights with their smart devices or even voice commands. The step-by-step guide on how to set up Google Home and control lights with it is discussed below. Go through it so you can make the most of this technology.

Controlling Lights With Google Home

By adding smart lights to the Google Home application, you can control them with voice commands, or you can control them from your mobile.

Follow the below steps to control your lights with Google Home.

Step #1: Add the Device

  1. Download the app from the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store.
  2. After downloading the application, go to Google Home.
  3. Click “Add” > “Set up” > “New device” in the top left corner.

Now, the devices will show on your application. If the connection is successful, the light will blink, which means it’s connected now.

Next, it’s your choice to create a custom room, and if you like to do so, click on “Add Custom Room” and name the room. After that, click “Next”. But remember that giving the room a name is important because it will let you know what’s happening in a specific room of your home.

So, let’s assume we are using multi LED smart light, which we just connected as specified above; now you can turn the light on and off from the application. 

Step #2: Set the Device Name

So, let’s give this device a name. You can choose any name you like but make sure to use a contextual name for the best results. Make sure you don’t include a room name with numbers 0-9 as the device name, and don’t use special characters because Google Home might get confused.

For example: If there are multiple lights in the office and you name them “Office Light One”, “Light Left”, or “Light Right”, then it might get confusing.

What if you saved the wrong name? Then it’s also very easy to change it. To change the device name, make sure your mobile device and the device that you want to change the name of is connected to the same internet; otherwise, it will not work. Go to the Google Home application on your mobile device or tablet to change the name. 

Click on the device title for 2-3 seconds, then at the top right corner, click on “Setting” > “Device Information” > “Device name”. Now enter your device name properly and click on the “Save” button. 

Step #3: Sync the Device With Google Home

Here are the two ways to sync your device with the Google Home app.

Through Voice Command

Let’s assume the device name is multi-color. Now, if I ask Google, “Hey Google, turn off the multi-color light”, maybe it will say I don’t understand. If it says so, there are two commands that will sync the device, which is linked to the home control settings.

The two commands are “Sync my light” and “Sync my devices”. Ask Google, “Hey Google, sync my light”; it will go through all devices and reactivate them.

Through Manual Syncing

  1. Check if the device and Google are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth and location, and if you have turned off the mobile notification, turn it on.
  3. Put the device in pairing mode and look at the Bluetooth device list on your phone screen.
  4. You will soon get the notification to set up a new device, and then click or tap on the notification.

Step #4: Control the Lights

Finally, here are the ways to control your lights with Google Home.

Adjust the Light Brightness 

Go to the Google Home application > Device title > “Settings”. This part is needed only for some devices. Now, click on the lights to adjust the intensity of the light. 

Adjust the Light Brightness Manually 

Open the Google application and click on the Home button > Device title at the bottom. Now, you have complete access to that device; it will be up to you to turn the light on or off. To change the intensity of the light or to see all the controls, you just need to click on the title for 3-4 seconds until the controls open.

Use Voice Command

Here are some commands you can use to control your lights with Google Home.

  • “Hey Google, turn on the multi-color setting“.
  • “Hey Google, turn on the multi-color setting and turn the multi-color option to green“.
  • “Hey Google, set the multi-color light to full brightness“.
  • “Hey Google, set the multi-color light to 5%“.

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