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How To Copy a Playlist on Spotify With iPhone

Spotify App On Iphone

Spotify’s dedicated app not only allows users to listen to exciting playlists but also enables them to copy and play these playlists whenever they want. However, many people find copying a playlist on Spotify quite challenging.

Quick Answer

To copy a playlist on Spotify with iPhone, open the Spotify app, go to the “Library” section, and select the plus (+) icon from the top-right corner to create and name a new playlist.

From the search option, find the playlist you want to copy. Tap the three dots next to each song on your original playlist and choose “Add to Playlist“. Go back to “Library” and open your new playlist. You will find all the copied songs there.

In this write-up, we have compiled a comprehensive step-by-step guide for you explaining how to copy a playlist on Spotify with iPhone quickly.

Copying a Playlist on Spotify With iPhone

Don’t know how to copy a playlist on Spotify using your iPhone? Our 3 step-by-step methods will help you do so with ease. 

Method #1: Using Spotify Mobile App

Follow the steps mentioned below for duplicating your Spotify Playlist with your iPhone using the Spotify mobile app.

Step #1: Creating a Playlist

Open the Spotify app on your iPhone. Tap the “Your Library” tab and select the plus (+) icon from the top-right corner.

Image 104

Give an appropriate name to your new playlist and tap “Create” to create a new playlist successfully.

Image 105

Step #2: Finding the Playlist

Tap the “Search” option and enter the name of the playlist you wish to copy. 

Image 106

Step #3: Adding Songs to Your Playlist

On the playlist you’ve opened, tap the three dots next to each song.

Image 107

Select the “Add to Playlist” option and choose the new playlist you have just created. Repeat this process for all the songs you want to copy.

Image 108

You can now successfully listen to all the copied songs from your playlist in the “Your Library” section. 

Method #2: Using Soundiiz

Here is what you need to do to copy a playlist on Spotify with your iPhone using web apps like Soundiiz

Step #1: Connecting Soundizz With Spotify

Launch Safari on your iPhone and go to the Soundiiz official website.

Tap the “Start now” button and sign in to the web app using your Apple ID, Google ID, or Spotify ID.

Image 109

Press the “Let’s go” option present at the center of the screen. 

Image 110

You will be taken to a page where you can choose any of the 48 services you can connect to. Select “Spotify” and tap the “Connect” option.

Image 111

Step #2: Selecting the Source & Destination Apps

Go back to your Soundiiz Main Page. You will see a list of playlists available on your Spotify app. Select a playlist and tap the “Convert” option from the upper bar. 

Image 112

Put a title or description and select the “Save Configuration” option.

Image 113

Hit “Confirm” and choose Soundiiz.

Image 114

Step #3: Finding Your Playlists

Wait until the conversion completes, and tap the “Show” button. You can now successfully find the copied playlists on your Soundiiz web app.

Image 115

Method #3: Using SongShift

Another method of copying a Spotify playlist with an iPhone is using third-party apps like SongShift.

Step #1: Downloading SongShift and Selecting Source

Download the SongShift app from the App Store. Launch the app and select Apple Music. Tap “Continue” and tap “Connect“. Tap “OK” so SongShift can access your Apple Music library. Choose the “Connect” option under the “Connect Cloud Library” section. 

Image 287

You will be directed to the iTunes site in a browser. Sign in with your Apple ID and tap “Allow“. 

Image 288

Step #2: Syncing Spotify

Find and tap Spotify in the SongShift app. Enter your Spotify credentials and log in. Read all the terms and conditions carefully and tap “Agree“.

Image 116

Spotify is now synced; tap “Continue” to proceed. Tap “Get Started” and tap the plus (+) icon from the right-right corner.

Step #3: Setting Up SongShift

If you are using SongShift for the first time, a screen asking you to play a short SongShift tutorial will appear before you; tap “Dismiss” and select “Setup Source” from the next page. Choose Spotify and tap “Continue“.

Image 117

Step #4: Choosing a Playlist

Select the playlist you want to transfer from the list of playlists and tap “Done“. SongShift will automatically select Apple Music as the destination app.


On SongShift Pro, you will be allowed to choose multiple playlists at this point. 

Image 118

Step #5: Finishing Up

Select “I’m Finished” and wait for the “Processing” message to change to “Ready to Review“. Tap on the playlist and review the playlist and see if everything matches. Select “Confirm Matches” and wait until the process completes. Tap “Continue” on the next page. 

When the processing completes, you can find the copied playlist in Apple Music’s “Library” Section.

Image 289


In this guide on copying a Playlist on Spotify with iPhone, we have looked into multiple methods for duplicating a Playlist on the Spotify App. These include Spotify Mobile App, web app, and third-party apps.

Hopefully, one of these methods has worked for you, and you can now copy your favorite Spotify playlists to other apps using your iPhone easily.

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