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How To Delete Apps on Apple TV

Apps On Apple Tv

The Apple TV is one of the most famous products of the iOS ecosystem. It delivers a fantastic media experience and can be synced with other iOS devices, providing a seamless interface. You can load it up soon with your most-loved apps and enjoy your watch time. However, it can be confusing to delete these apps for some people. So, how do you get rid of those unused applications?

Quick Answer

Uninstalling an app from your Apple TV is a piece of cake. You only need the assistance of your Siri remote and ensure that you follow the steps mentioned in this guide. The procedure will stay the same if you have a 1st generation Apple TV remote.

Here, we will provide you with every piece of information you’ll need to remove an application for good. This way, you can make your TV more responsive and create more storage for installing the new applications you need.


Before moving on, remember that you cannot delete the pre-installed or default applications from your Apple TV. You might be able to disable them, but they will still sit on your TV screen.

Deleting the Apps

There are two methods of getting rid of those unused applications.

From the Settings Panel

The first method is to dive into your TV’s settings panel and manually delete the unwanted app. Deleting an app will also remove its data from your device.

  1. Find and open the Settings app from your Apple TV.
  2. Tap “General“.
  3. Go to the “Usage” panel and look for “Manage Storage“. You can find all the installed apps on your Apple TV here.
  4. Select the app you want to delete and click the bin icon beside the application.
  5. Click “Delete” to remove the application from your TV.

From the Home Screen

The second and the more straightforward method is to delete the application directly from the home screen.

  1. Power on your Apple TV and head to the “Applications” section.
  2. Find the app you want to delete and highlight the app using your Apple remote.
  3. If you have a first-generation Apple TV remote, hold down the touch surface – or the click pad if you’re using the Siri remote – until the app jiggles.
  4. From your TV remote, click the “Play/Pause” button. It will open a menu.
  5. Click the first “Delete” option in the menu. It will ask you another time for confirmation. Hit “Delete” again, and the app and its data will be gone for good.

Hide Applications

If you don’t want to delete the apps permanently, you can also hide them on a third-generation or higher Apple TV. Once hidden, the apps will not show up on the screen but still take up the storage. You can always restore the hidden applications from the settings panel.

  1. Select and highlight the app you want to hide from the applications section of your Apple TV.
  2. If you have a first-generation Apple TV remote, hold down the touch surface. If you’re using the Siri remote, hold the click pad until the app starts to jiggle.
  3. Click the “Play/Pause” button on your Apple TV remote to enter the “Edit Mode“.
  4. You will see an option to hide or delete the application. Select “Hide“, and the application will disappear from the home screen.

Follow these steps to unhide the application.

  1. You can simply go to Settings.
  2. Select the “Main Menu” section.
  3. Find the app you have hidden from the list of applications.
  4. Tap the app, and the “Hide” written beside the app will change to “Show“.

The Bottom Line

Apple TV lets you enjoy a fantastic media experience from the convenience of your couch. It is a well-optimized device, offers easy-to-use features, and makes binge-watching time more fun. You can also install third-party applications on your Apple TV for added functionality. 

In this article, we have described how to delete some unwanted applications from your Apple TV. You can either do this from the settings panel or the main menu. You can also hide some applications; however, you cannot delete the system apps. We hope that this article has helped solve all your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I block an application on my Apple TV?

You can restrict access to an app or some features by heading into the parental controls. In this way, only the authorized persons will be able to download or stream the restricted content. You can also limit app and TV show purchases. 

Can I delete an app from multiple Apple TVs?

Yes, you can delete an app from numerous Apple TVs. Head to Settings > “Users and Accounts“> Select your account >Turn the “One Home Screen” toggle on. Any change you make on your TV will be automatically transferred to the other selected account. 

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