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How To Delete Chrome on Android

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Google Chrome is Android’s default mobile browser and is popular because of its minimalistic interface design and exceptional browsing performance. But this cross-platform browser launched in 2008 by Google has recently experienced backlash from people due to privacy concerns. 

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If you share this sentiment as well, the idea of deleting Google Chrome from your Android smartphone must have come to your mind. However, it’s not so straightforward because Chrome is treated as a system app, as with other Google apps that come pre-built into the smartphone. With that said, you can delete Chrome by following these steps:

1) Download Android SDK.
2) Enable USB Debugging.
3) Confirm ADB connection. 
4) Uninstall Google Chrome on your Android smartphone using ADB.

Read on if you wish to learn more about these steps when deleting Google Chrome from your Android smartphone. 

In addition, we’ll look at a couple of frequently asked questions relating to how you can delete Chrome on Android. Let’s get started. 

Deleting Google Chrome on Android

You need to follow certain steps when deleting Chrome from your Android gadget. Let’s take a look at them.

Step #1: Download Android SDK 

Before you delete Chrome on Android, make sure to install the Android SDK Platform Tools on your computer. This is Google’s official ADB and Fastboot binary. Download and extract it to a convenient place on your computer. This will give you access to the platform-tools folder. 

Step #2: Enable USB Debugging

Now enable USB Debugging on your Android smartphone to make it accessible to your computer in ADB mode. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings. 
  2. Tap on “About Phone.” 
  3. Click on “Build Number” 7 times. 
  4. Go back to “Settings.”
  5. Click “System.” 
  6. Tap on “Advanced.” 
  7. Go to “Developer Options.”  
  8. Click “Enable USB Debugging.” 

Step #3: Confirm ADB Connection 

Before verifying the ADB connection, confirm that your computer is connected to your Android smartphone through a USB cable. After that, follow these steps:

  1. Confirm that USB Debugging is enabled.  
  2. Go to the platform-tools folder, and in the address bar, enter “CMD” and click on “Enter” to open the Command Prompt. 
  3. Enter the command “adb devices” in the CMD window to confirm the ADB connection. 
  4. If the device ID appears, you’ll have created a successful connection. So, you should proceed to enter the command “adb shell to the open Shell environment. 
  5. A list will display your Android smartphone’s code name, for instance, sunfish for the Pixel 4A. Go ahead and proceed to delete Chrome from your Android smartphone. 

Step #4: Uninstall Google Chrome Using ADB.

When uninstalling Chrome from your Android gadget via ADB, you get the option to keep or completely delete user data. If you wish to remove user data completely, enter the command “pm uninstall –user 0 Chrome“. Doing this will remove, and thereby eliminate, all app data folders on your Android smartphone. 

In contrast, uninstalling Chrome via ADB if you want to keep user data is slightly different. All you need to do is to go to the platform-tools folder and enter the command pm uninstall – k – user 0 Chrome in the open CMD window. 


If you’ve always wanted to uninstall Chrome from your Android smartphone but didn’t know where to start, this guide has shown you can do this without needing root access. While this process might look complicated, it actually isn’t. 

But if you need further convincing, this step-by-step guide has detailed everything you need to know about deleting Chrome on your Android smartphone. Therefore, you can easily delete Google Chrome from your phone without breaking a sweat. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you disable Google Chrome on your Android smartphone?

If you find the steps of uninstalling Google Chrome from your Android smartphone complicated, don’t worry; you also have the option to disable it. This way, you’ll no longer see the Chrome app. In addition, all its background activities will be stopped. And here are the steps to follow to disable Chrome on your Android gadget:

1) Unlock your Android smartphone. 
2) Go to Settings
3) Scroll down and tap on the Apps tab. The terms App on your Settings page might differ depending on your smartphone’s manufacturer. On Samsung smartphones, you’ll see it named Apps.  
4) Head down and click on the Chrome app to open it. 
5) Click on the Force Stop command to stop this browser. 
6) Tap on the Disable option. 

After following these steps, Chrome will be uninstalled. It’ll also be restored to its default version as all the updates will be removed.  

What are some of the best Google Chrome alternatives?

After deleting the Chrome browser from your Android smartphone, you need to find an alternative to use when web browsing. Here’s a look at some of your best options:

Brave private browser: This is the web browser to go for if you value data privacy amid the increasing incidences of cybercrime in recent years. It’s easy to use, thereby boasting excellent usability and functionality.

Microsoft Edge: It’s the default browser on Windows devices and incorporates unique features such as Edge collections, Kids mode, sleep tabs, and vertical tabs. This chromium-based web browser can seamlessly work with every Chrome extension.

Firefox: It’s one of the oldest browsers and is a reliable Chrome alternative thanks to its faster navigation and ease of use.

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