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How To Delete Discord From PC

Discord On Pc

If you’re a gaming enthusiast, there’s a high chance you’re familiar with the Discord app, often used for communication purposes. This app became widely popular due to its ease of use app when chatting either via text or voice with people across the globe. It also boasts lots of unique features that make it appealing communication software. 

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However, the challenge comes when you want to delete Discord from your PC because you no longer find it helpful or have found a better alternative. This is because uninstalling this app entails a lot more than following a few simple steps or sometimes runs into issues. Fortunately, you can still delete this app by following any of these approaches.

• Going to your PC’s Control Panel.
• Uninstalling the Discord app from the Windows Settings.
• Deleting Discord cache from your PC.
• Delete Discord from the Registry.

These methods effectively remove the Discord app, which is notorious for causing issues during uninstallation or leaving behind some files even after getting rid of the app. This exhaustive guide looks at how to delete Discord from your PC’s system for good.  

Method #1: Uninstall Discord From the Control Panel

Another effective way to remove the Discord app from your PC is by going to the Control Panel, where you can manage the computer’s Windows Settings. Through the Control Panel, you can manage a lot of things “System and Security“, “User Accounts“, “Hardware and Sounds“, “Ease of Access“, and “Programs,” to name a few. 

While in the Controls Panel, here are the steps you should follow to uninstall Discord.

  1. Look for the Control Panel in the Start menu and launch it by clicking on it.
  2. Tap “Program” and press “Programs and Features“.
  3. Enter the name of the app you’re looking for in the search bar — in this instance, “Discord”. 
  4. Right-click on the Discord app, and the “Uninstall” option will appear. 
  5. Click on the option to uninstall to remove the Discord app from your PC and follow the prompts that appear to finish this app’s uninstallation. 

Method #2: Uninstall From the Windows Settings

First, you should consider deleting the Discord app from your PC by going to the Windows Settings app. Here, you’ll find the many apps installed on your PC’s system under the category “Apps“. Follow these steps during the Discord app’s uninstallation process.

  1. Close the Discord app and confirm it isn’t running in the background; otherwise, hinder the uninstallation process. You can verify this app is closed by going to your computer’s taskbar and checking the lower-right corner. If the app is open, tap the option “Quit Discord“.
  2. Press Windows Key + S to launch the search menu and in the search bar, enter “Apps“.
  3. Tap “Apps & Features” on the Start menu to open the Settings Window
  4. Look for “Discord” and click on it. 
  5. Tap “Uninstall” to remove the Discord app from your computer. 
  6. A confirmation pop-up window will show up, and you should confirm your action of deleting this app from your PC. 

Method #3: Delete Discord Cache From Your PC

After you’ve uninstalled Discord using the previous two methods, there’ll still be a couple of cache files remaining on your PC. Therefore, you can be sure to remove everything associated with the Discord app completely. Here are the steps you should follow to clear the Discord cache on your PC completely.

  1. Open your Windows or PC
  2. Click on the Windows button and press the Start or Windows button + R
  3. A Run window pop-up box will display on your PC’s bottom section of the screen. 
  4. In the box, enter %appdata% and tap the “OK” or press the Enter key
  5. Find “Discord” in the folder and click on it. 
  6. Tap on the Delete button to get rid of the whole folder. 
  7. Press the Windows or Start button + R to relaunch the Run box and type %localappdata%.
  8. Enter “Discord” in the local folder. 
  9. Choose the Discord app and tap the right-click button. 
  10. Tap the Delete button to get rid of the whole Discord folder. 

Method #4: Delete Discord From the Registry

After deleting the Discord cache, head to the Registry Editor, where you can delete Discord Registry keys by following these steps.

  1. Click the Windows Key + S to open the Windows search option. 
  2. Enter “Regedit” and tap “Open“.
  3. Launch the Registry Editor and follow the path HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Discord.
  4. Right-click on this Discord folder and click the option “Delete“.
  5. Restart your PC. 


While Discord is no doubt a popular and helpful social app among the gaming community, uninstalling it from your PC is often a headache. Because of this, you’ll most likely leave this app on your PC even though it’s no longer used. 

If you’ve experienced this problem before, this guide has outlined the various ways you can follow to uninstall the stubborn Discord app from your app. This also applies to any cache and residual folders that might have been left even after the app’s uninstallation. Therefore, you can create room for other apps on your PC that do provide you with value.

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