How To Edit an Avatar on iPhone

How To Edit An Avatar On Iphone

Say you got a new pair of glasses, dyed your hair, or got a new haircut and your iPhone avatar no longer looks like you. What do you do then? It’s simple: just edit your avatar to reflect the new changes and continue sending Memojis to your friends.

Quick Answer

To edit the avatar or Memoji on your phone, open up the “Messages” app and choose the Memoji tab. You’ll see this right above the keyword. Then, select the Memoji you want to change and tap on the three horizontal dots to expand its details. You’ll now be able to see the option to edit it. You’ll then be able to change a bunch of different things. 

If you want to edit your avatar on your iPhone but are unsure how, here’s everything you need to know.

What Is an Avatar on iPhone?

As Apple launched the iOS 13, iPhone users can now create customized moving characters or avatars, also known as Memoji. With the Memoji feature, you can text animated avatars to your contacts. It is quite similar to Animoji, the animated version of different emojis. The only difference between the two is that you can edit the Memoji and customize it to look however you want it to.

How To Edit Your Avatar on iPhone

To create a new avatar or Memoji or edit an existing one, you will have to use the apps bar present in the Messages app. So, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open the “Messages” app.
  2. On top of the keyboard, you’ll see the “Memoji” icon. If you don’t see any icons, tap on the App Store icon on the left of the message box. This will open the different options and you’ll be able to see the Memoji icon. Tap on that. 
  3. Find the avatar you want to edit by scrolling left. Once you find it, tap on the three horizontal dots you see on the bottom left. 
  4. You will now see three options. Choose “Edit”.
  5. First, you will be asked to customize the skin. You can select the color or tone and add a beauty spot, freckles, and even blush. These changes will be applied to your avatar in real-time on top to see how it looks.
  6. If you have iPhone 7 or a later model, your Memoji will move as you move and even copy your actions. This way, you can look at your avatar from various angles.
  7. Once you’re done with the skin, the next is hairstyle. Here, you can choose the color, the style, and even add highlights.
  8. The next tab allows you to customize your eyebrows. Apart from the style and color of your eyebrows, you can also choose piercings and add a forehead mark if you want.
  9. Next comes the eyes. Here, you can choose the color, shape, and even set the eyelash style. If you want, you can add some makeup too. 
  10. After that comes the head tab. This tab is broken into two: first, you can choose the age, which means you can choose how old or how young you want the avatar to look. The different options have a different number of wrinkles and head sizes. The second section allows you to choose the shape where you can choose jaw, chin, and cheek sizes from preset options.     
  11. The next tab is the nose tab. Here, you can choose the nose size and add a piercing.
  12. You can select the lip’s shape and color in the mouth tab. You can also customize the teeth and choose from different-colored tongue and lip piercings. 
  13. You can choose how big you want your ear to be in the ear tab. You can also add accessories such as hearing aids, earrings, and even headphones. Here, you can also find additional customization options like you can add separate accessories to each ear.  
  14. The next tab is for facial hair. Here, you can select the length of the sideburn and choose the style and color for your beard or mustache. Note that the color of the sideburn will match the color you chose for the hair.
  15. You can add eye patches, a monocle, or eyeglasses to your avatar. In the eyewear tab, you can choose the frame and even add a tint to the lenses. 
  16. The last option is for headwear. You can further accessorize your avatar with helmets, scarves, head wraps, hats, and even a face covering.
  17. Finally, just tap on Done to save the changes. You will now see the updated one in place of the old one. 


It’s very easy to edit your avatar on your iPhone and make it resemble you. And since there are a plethora of options, there’s a high chance you’ll find the color or style you’re looking for, whether that’s for the hair, eyes, or skin.

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