How To Edit the Alarm on iPhone

Alarm On Iphone

Do you have a busy life and sometimes struggle to wake up on time? If so, you can use your iPhone’s built-in alarm clock! But what if your office time has changed a bit, and you want to edit your alarm? Here’s a method to do so.

Quick Answer

To edit the regular alarm on your iPhone, open the Clock app and tap “Alarm” on the bottom. Select one of the alarms under the “Other” tab. Then, set the alarm time, change its repeat options, label it, change its sound, and turn on snooze if you want.

Further, this article will see how to edit a regular and wake-up alarm on iPhone. Read on to learn more.

Types of Alarms Available on iPhone

On iPhone, you will find two kinds of alarms; one is the regular alarm. You can set it up for any time of the day and set it to repeat on multiple days.

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The other one is the Wake-up alarm, part of the iPhone’s sleep-time schedule. This setting is usually used to record your bedtime and then wake you up in the morning based on your set wake-up timing.

How To Edit the Regular Alarm on iPhone

Let’s see how you can edit the regular alarm on your iPhone. It is a relatively easy task if you stick to the proper steps.

Step #1: Open the Clock App

Find your Clock app and open it. It will be mainly on your home screen. You can identify the app with its black and white analog clock app icon.  

Another way to open it is using Siri; say, “Hey Siri, open the clock”.

Step #2: Go to the Alarm Section

Once you have opened the clock, you will see an “Alarm” tab on the bottom. Tap it. 

It takes you to the Alarm Setting Interface of the iPhone. You would see all existing alarms (if any). You can also create one by pressing the plus (+) icon on the top left. 

Since we are learning to edit an alarm, move to the next step.

Step #3: Select the Alarm You Want To Edit

Select any existing alarms you want to edit under the “Others” section. It will open up the customization setting. 

Step #4: Make Changes in the Alarm Timing and Sound

Now, you have options to change the alarm timing. Drag the numbers up and down to set your new alarm timing. Don’t forget to change PM to AM if you are setting all alarms for the morning.

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Next, you have options to repeat the alarm, change its sound, label it, and activate snooze.


By default, the regular alarm is set to repeat “Never”. However, if you wish to change that, tap “Never”, and you will see repeat options. Select all the days on which you wish to repeat this alarm.


The second customization is the label—tap “Label” to change the alarm’s name. You can name your alarm “Morning Alarm” or name it after a task you want to do.

Alarm Sound

The third setting is the sound setting. Tap it, and it will take you to the list of ringtones to choose from. When you tap any sound, it gives you a short preview of that ringtone. Go on moving down the list until you find the desired one. 

Tap the toggle next to the vibration setting to turn it on.


If you want to sleep for some extra time, turn snooze on by pressing the toggle next to it. When you turn on this setting, the alarm will keep sounding after a gap of 5 to 10 minutes until you wake up. 

Step #5: Save

After you have made all of these changes, select the “Save” option on the top left side.

How To Edit the Wake-Up Alarm on iPhone

You can make changes to the Wake-up alarm if you have turned on a sleep schedule in the Health app. It won’t be displayed in the Clock app if you haven’t.

To edit the wake-up alarm through your clock, the initial steps are pretty much the same. 

Step #1: Open the Clock App

First, open up the clock app through its app icon or ask Siri to open it.

Step #2: Go to the Alarm Section

Then, navigate to the alarm section by tapping “Alarm” on the bottom menu.

Step #3: Press “Change” Under the Sleep/Wake Up Tab

Under the “Sleep/Wake Up” tab, press the “Change” button. It will take you to the interface of the sleep time schedule.

Drag the slider to adjust to your desired wake-up time.

Step #4: Change the Sound and Volume

Under the sleep time drag wheel, there is a change of sound volume setting.

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To change the volume, just drag the volume slider. However, to change the alarm’s ringtone, tap “Sound & Haptics” and select the ringtone of your choice.

Step #5: Save

After you have made edits to the Wake-up alarm, press “Done” on the top. 

Wrapping Up

Setting up an alarm is pretty easy and quick on iPhone. You can set up multiple alarms for different days of the week with different timings and sounds. All you need is to follow the mentioned steps.  

You can also do it using your Siri by saying, “Hey Siri, set the alarm for tomorrow at eight AM”. This will directly open the Clock app, and you can edit the settings from there. 

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