How To Eject Water From iPhone

Water On Iphone

An iPhone going down in the water isn’t the best sight. However, worse is if you have water stuck in your speakers afterward. To remedy that, you can eject water from your iPhone using a few methods.

Quick Answer

Here’s how you can eject water from an iPhone.

• Using a water eject YouTube video.
• Using the water eject shortcut.
• Using a water eject application.

In this article, we’re going to go over all the ways you can eject water from an iPhone alongside an indication as to whether it works in the first place or not.

Method #1: Using a Water Eject YouTube Video

When there’s stuck in your iPhone, the speaker is where most of it is located. Therefore, you can use the speakers (while they still function) to get the water out. Thankfully, videos on YouTube can help you do just that.

But, before that, how do they even work? Well, simple. These videos play an audibly high pitch/frequency noise. This frequency allows the water droplets within your phone to vibrate. Over time, these vibrations lead to them being displaced from their original position.

Once you hold your phone in a vertical position, these frequencies combined with gravity will allow the water droplets to be displaced out of your phone, causing water to be ejected right out of your iPhone.

So, to get started, follow these steps.

  1. Dry your iPhone up with cloth near the speaker grills.
  2. Use a cotton bud to dry up your iPhone further.
  3. Play this YouTube video: Sound To Remove Water From Phone Speaker IN 2 MINUTES.
  4. Keep holding your phone in a vertical position as the video plays.

After playing the video, all water should be displaced from your iPhone

Method #2: Using the Water Eject Shortcut

If you aren’t in the mood to play through a YouTube video or dip your iPhone in the water too much, this shortcut is perfect for you. With it, you’ll be able to eject water out of your iPhone in no time. 

Image 60

Here’s how you can use the water eject shortcut on your iPhone.

  1. Open the following link.
  2. Click “Get Shortcut“.
  3. Once the Shortcut app opens, tap “Water Eject“.
  4. Start the shortcut.
  5. You should hear an audible high pitch coming out of your iPhone. This ejects all the water from your iPhone. As the audio plays, ensure that your iPhone remains vertical.
Another Option

You can also use Siri to use the water eject shortcut. To do so, say, “Hey Siri, water eject“. As soon as you do so, the shortcut will activate. However, you’ll need to have unlocked your iPhone before you can do so.

Method #3: Using a Water Eject Application

Suppose you aren’t in the mood for a shortcut or a YouTube video. Perhaps, a dedicated application might be more to your taste. These applications share the same premise as a water eject shortcut or video. But, you can also use them offline.

Image 61

Here’s how you can water eject from your iPhone using an application.

  1. Download the Water Eject application from the App Store.
  2. Head to “Speaker Cleaner“. You should hear a high-pitched noise coming out of your iPhone.
  3. Hold your iPhone vertically throughout the entire process.

After you are done, water should now be ejected from your iPhone.

Does Water Eject Work on iPhone?

Yes, water eject does work on your iPhone. It works on your iPad, laptop, or any electronic device with water stuck inside its speakers. This is because high pitch frequencies can displace water present inside your speaker.


Generally, we recommend using the water eject method regardless of whether you use the application, shortcut, or YouTube video at least twice. In most cases, the method does not work the first time.

So, even if you don’t own an iPhone or just have a device that may have gotten thrown into the water and now seems to have a static noise in the speakers that you just can’t get rid of, try the water eject method.

Do note, though, that when you use the method repeatedly at once, make sure to use a cotton bud or a cloth to dry up the residue on the speaker before you go at it again. 

Does the iPhone Have an Official Water Eject?

Unlike the Apple Watch, the iPhone does not have an official water eject method. In essence, Apple has not implemented the feature directly on their iPhones. This is because iPhones tend not to be submerged in water for long periods, unlike the Apple Watch, which is often worn while swimming.

No worries, though; even if the feature isn’t present officially, there’s no difference between the workarounds we mentioned above and the feature on the Apple Watch. Ultimately, all they do is emit a high-frequency noise that can displace water. So, no matter what device you have, you’ll be able to achieve the desired effect.


The water eject method is the easiest way to get water out of your speakers. So, if you experience some static or hissing noises from it after you’ve gone out for a swim, you should use any of the methods we used above.

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