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How to Enable or Disable Discord Hardware Acceleration 

How To Enable Or Disable Discord Hardware Acceleration

Most tech users have heard about hardware acceleration but do not know its meaning. They confuse it with graphics card and video card rendering. 

Some people know what hardware acceleration is but are unaware of its benefits. Others don’t know how to enable or disable hardware acceleration on Discord. The remaining users are facing problems after enabling the hardware acceleration.

Quick Answer

You can enable hardware acceleration on your PC.  You only need to go to the Appearance Settings under the Discord Settings Tab on your PC. After that, the option of enabling hardware acceleration appears for you to switch on. 

Are you one of these users and have any issues related to hardware acceleration? If Yes, we are here with all the answers to your queries. This article will provide you with knowledge about hardware acceleration and why you need it. 

Moreover, it will provide information on how you can enable or disable the discord hardware acceleration. And the solutions to the problems related to hardware acceleration.

Kindly go through the article and learn all about hardware acceleration on Discord.

What Is Hardware Acceleration?

Hardware acceleration is a setting that speeds up the computing system. Hardware acceleration uses computer hardware to perform functions. Moreover, it divides the workload between the GPU and CPU of your PC. Here lies a golden question: why do you need hardware acceleration?

When you do a task on your PC, it uses the standard CPU (Central Processing Unit). The heavier the task you perform, the PC will need more power to complete the task. The enormous task will affect the performance of your PC. So to save energy and divide the load between GPU and CPU, hardware acceleration is there to help you.

People are confused about whether they should enable or disable hardware acceleration on Discord. So before making any firm decision, it is necessary to look at the benefits and harms of hardware acceleration. There are many valuable benefits of hardware acceleration, including good performance and better video experience. On the contrary, there are some disadvantages too. 

We’ll inform you about both advantages and disadvantages of hardware acceleration below.

Advantages of Hardware Acceleration

The advantages of hardware acceleration are:

  • Smooth app experience: Hardware acceleration on Discord provides a smoother experience when using apps or chatting with your friends. 
  • Better site visualization: Many media clips and graphic-laden content appear on popular sites. The browser uses hardware acceleration to show you efficient and faster content.
  • Best for Multi-tasking: Hardware acceleration is an excellent tool for people who do multitasking. When you work with several applications simultaneously, your PC needs to be run efficiently. So to run your PC correctly, hardware acceleration divides the workload between CPU and GPU.

Disadvantages of Hardware Acceleration

The disadvantages of hardware acceleration are:

  • Occupy space: Hardware acceleration occupies space both on the CPU and GPU of the PC. Due to space issues, it’ll create rendering problems and affect your PC’s performance and speed during gaming. 
  • Slow down the application: Since hardware acceleration takes substantial storage space, it slows down the computing system. Hence, you can experience loading the application for a longer time.

Now you know whether hardware acceleration is good or bad for your device. Let’s move on to the next section, which is how to disable or enable the hardware acceleration.

How To Enable or Disable Discord Hardware Acceleration

Primarily, hardware acceleration is enabled by default on computers. But it should be disabled in most cases because it may harm your computer and create problems like screen freezing or crashing your PC. 

We have informed you about the disadvantages of hardware acceleration. Keep them in mind and learn how to disable discord hardware acceleration if it is enabled by default so that you can save your PC’s performance and speed. 

To enable or disable hardware acceleration, first, you need to know where hardware acceleration exists on Discord. It is generally present in discord settings. Let’s turn off the hardware acceleration if it’s enabled by default. 

Follow the steps given below to proceed with the procedure:

  1. Open “Discord Settings” on the discord app.
  2. Tap on “Appearance Tab.” 
  3. Find “Hardware Acceleration” in the appearance tab list. 
  4. Tap on the switch key next to “Hardware Acceleration” to turn on or off the hardware acceleration on Discord.

It is recommended to disable the discord Hardware acceleration as it affects the speed and performance.

How To Solve Hardware Acceleration Problems on Discord?

It is recommended that you should turn off the hardware acceleration on Discord. Because it takes up much space both on CPU and GPU, affects the performance, and may crash your PC. But suppose you have enabled the discord hardware acceleration for a long time and face problems or issues. In that case, we are here with the best possible solutions. 

Try the following solutions to fix the problems created by discord Hardware Acceleration:

Fix #1: Clear/Delete Discord Cache

To run your PC efficiently, you should clear the discord cache and remove the unnecessary files from Discord. The unwanted or unnecessary files include audio, videos, and files/folders. 

Fix #2: Upgrade GPU Drivers

Discord hardware acceleration can cause graphic problems on the GPU of your PC. To solve the graphical issues, you have to upgrade the GPU driver. Keep the GPU system regularly updated to prevent your PC from all graphic matters, including the freezing of the screen, green lines, or multiple colors appearing on the screen. 

Fix #3: Mute or Restrict the Discord Voice

Suppose you have turned off the discord hardware acceleration but still facing speed, performance, or graphic issues. In that case, the possibility might be that the Discord Voice feature has slowed down the Discord app and your PC. 

So, try to mute your discord microphone or start a voice chat using voice notes. You can try to solve the issue by limiting the volume of the discord voice feature. 


The inquiries of users are fully answered in this article. People are unaware of Discord hardware acceleration, its benefits, and its harms. We have provided you with the information in detail. 

Some had the question of why they need hardware acceleration and how to enable and disable hardware acceleration on Discord. This article will allow you to turn on and off hardware acceleration according to particular situations for these problems. 

Moreover, the given solutions will fix the problems created by Discord hardware acceleration.

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