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How To Fix a Broken Computer Screen

Laptop With Internal Circuitry Exposed

A broken computer screen is one of the most common hardware problems many computer users face. This issue may occur due to accidental falls, closing a laptop with too much force, or trapping foreign stuff such as sand, food particles, cables, or objects between the screen and the keyboard as you close a laptop.

A broken computer screen can render your computer useless because you can’t do much without the display. Fortunately, a broken or cracked screen isn’t the end of the road for your computer; you can fix the issue yourself or take it to a professional repair expert for screen replacement.

While taking the laptop to a repair guy raises the odds of replacing a broken computer screen without further damage, it can be expensive. Do you want to fix a broken computer screen yourself? You can do it with a couple of computer screen repair items, a new LCD screen, an eye for detail, and patience.

Quick Answer

To fix a broken computer screen, do the following:

1) Identify the screen model you need.
2) Order the correct screen online or buy from the local computer store.
3) Gather the right tools for the job.
4) Remove the bezel and the LCD screen.
5) Insert the new screen.

We will discuss how to fix a broken computer screen and other related issues in this article.


You can easily replace a regular computer screen even without prior experience. However, replacing a touch-screen is a high risk, and we encourage you to take it to a professional repair guy.

Additionally, inspect other causes of a faulty screen to ensure it’s the broken screen. Sometimes, a defective screen may result from a damaged motherboard, inverter, or graphics card.

How To Fix a Broken Computer Screen

Follow these steps to fix your broken computer screen:

Step #1: Identify the Screen Model You Need

After confirming that your screen needs replacement, inspect your computer closely to identify the correct screen type. Buying the wrong screen is stressful and won’t help your situation.

Before ordering a new screen, disassemble the monitor carefully and check the screen model number at the back of the LCD screen. Alternatively, you can search for the correct screen for your computer by typing the machine model number on the search bars of online computer screen stores.

Step #2: Order the Screen Online or Purchase It From a Local Computer Store

Order the new screen from a reputable online store like the official store for your computer brand, Amazon and eBay. Alternatively, you can walk into the local computer store in your neighborhood and buy the screen there. Carry a copy of the screen model number on the paper or type it on your phone to avoid buying the wrong model at the physical store.

Step #3: Gather the Right Tools for the Job

Replacing a computer screen requires caution and precision. Instead of fixing the broken screen, you may worsen the problem if you don’t disassemble computer parts with the right tools.

Ensure you have the following tools to replace your computer screen:

  • Screwdriver set with varying bit sizes and a magnetic screwdriver.
  • Flat and thin metal blades.
  • A pin or needle.
  • Bowl to hold the removed screws to avoid losing them.
  • Adhesive tape to hold the new screen in place.

Step #4: Remove the Bezel and the LCD Screen

Before removing the screws and stickers to pull apart the monitor parts, disconnect your laptop from the power source and remove the battery to avoid an electric shock.

Use the pin to remove the rubber stickers covering the screws. After exposing the screws, unscrew them to detach the screen bezel from the screen. Use the flat metal blade to gently disengage the bezel from the computer frame. You might hear plastics snapping, but don’t be alarmed; the plastics holding the screen to the frame are detaching.

After removing the bezel, you’ll see more screws holding the LCD screen. Unfasten the screws and put them in the holding bowl. Remember to identify which screw goes where to avoid a mixup during reassembly.

Hold the exposed LCD brackets and pull them down to separate the screen from the computer. This step is high-risk because if you carelessly pull the screen, you might rip off the video cable at the bottom, which connects the screen to the inverter and other computer parts.

For this reason, proceed with caution and lay the screen on the keyboard facedown. Examine the connecting cables and disconnect them. Put the broken screen aside.

Step #5: Insert the New LCD Screen

Lay the new panel on the keyboard and connect the screen to the computer using the cable connector at the bottom. Raise the screen carefully and secure it to the computer frame. Fasten the screws that hold the screen onto the frame. 

Re-insert the laptop battery, connect it to a power source, and power it on. If the screen is fixed, put back the screen bezel and fasten the screws. You’ll have single-handedly fixed your broken laptop screen.


Fixing a broken computer screen yourself saves you money, and you don’t need to leave the house to take the machine to a laptop repair expert. You’ll need a screwdriver set, thin metal plates, a pin, and a bowl or container to hold the unfastened screws. Moreover, you need to purchase a new screen to replace the broken one.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I fix my laptop screen?

You need a new screen and a screen repair kit consisting of screwdrivers, a metal plate, and a pin to fix a broken laptop screen. Follow these steps to fix the screen:

1) Unplug the laptop from the power outlet and remove the battery.
2) Remove stickers and screws.
3) Detach the screen bezel and broken screen from the computer frame.
4) Disconnect the cable connectors.
5) Attach the new screen, and reconnect the cable connectors.
6) Fasten the screws to hold the screen in place.
7) Check to ensure the screen is working before putting back the bezel.
8) Fasten the screws.

Can I repair a broken LCD screen without replacing it?

No. Unfortunately, you cannot repair a broken LCD screen. The best thing is to replace the screen with a new one if you want to keep using your computer.

Is it worth replacing a broken laptop screen?

Replacing your broken laptop screen is worth it if the repair cost is less than 50% of the laptop’s purchase price. However, if the cost is more than 50% of the computer’s buying price, you’d better sell your computer’s parts and purchase a new one.

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