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How To Fix a Double-Clicking Mouse

How To Fix A Double Clicking Mouse

Have you noticed that your mouse has started acting up and double-clicking on a single click? Although this problem is frustrating and compels you to change the mouse; however, the solution can be relatively easy. 

Quick Answer

You can fix a double-clicking mouse with several methods such as checking double-click mouse settings, changing the mouse double-click speed, checking battery levels, updating or reinstalling mouse drivers, or cleaning/repairing the mouse correctly. 

If you don’t know how to fix double-clicking the mouse, we have written a detailed guide to go through the whole process of resolving the problem with ease.

Fixing a Double-Clicking Mouse

A double-clicking mouse can be a pretty frustrating problem as you might not be able to select and drag files correctly. This problem also slows down your work-related tasks and gaming performance because you rely on the keyboard more than your mouse. 

However, if you are wondering how to fix a double-clicking mouse, our 5 step-by-step methods will help you quickly fix this issue without much effort. 

Method #1: Cleaning Your Mouse

If your mouse double-clicks on a single click at the wrong time, the chances are that dust or debris inside it is affecting its performance. To resolve this issue, clean your mouse with these simple steps.

  1. Disassemble your mouse, remove any grips or other added-on parts, and use a pin to remove any dirt.
  2. To clean the surface of the mouse, use alcohol, cotton swabs, and cotton rounds.
  3. Let all the pieces dry out before you reassemble the mouse.
  4. Clean the surface on which you place your mouse and see if the double-click problem has been resolved. 

Method #2: Updating & Reinstalling Mouse Driver

Corrupted mouse drivers can also cause the double-clicking issue. To update and reinstall them, follow these steps.

Step #1: Updating Mouse Driver

In the Windows Start menu, type “Device Manager” and click on it. Next, click “Mice and other pointing devices” to expand the menu. Now, right-click on your installed mouse, select “Update Driver“, and click “Search automatically for drivers” to install the driver.

Step #2: Reinstalling Mouse Driver

If an update is not found, reinstall the mouse driver by right-clicking on your mouse under “Device Manager” and selecting “Uninstall device“.

Image 402

Check the box on the left side of the “Delete the driver software for this device” option and click “Uninstall“. Finally, let the computer detect the mouse and reinstall drivers on the next boot.


You can also download the drivers from the manufacturer’s website and install them manually.

Method #3: Checking Folder and Mouse Settings

Sometimes, folder options are set to double-click to open on a Windows PC. You can resolve this with the following steps.

Step #1: Checking Folder Option Settings

Open Files Explorer and select the “View” option from the ribbon user interface. Next, click “Change folder and search options” to access the “Folder” options. Under “Check items as follows“, select the “Single-click to open an item” option. 

Image 403

Step #2: Adjusting Mouse Settings

Type “Mouse Settings” in the Windows search menu; click on it. Next, navigate to “Additional mouse options” and adjust your mouse double-click speed. Try a few settings and hit “Apply” after each one to set it. Click “OK” once you find the most suitable setting. 

Image 404

Method #4: Checking Battery & Connection 

A poor connection between the mouse and computer can also cause a mouse to double-click instead of a single click. Luckily, you can troubleshoot the issue with the following steps. 

Step #1: Checking the Battery

If your mouse runs on batteries with low power, replace them to fix the issue. 

Step #2: Bringing the Mouse Closer to the PC

If the problem doesn’t resolve by replacing the battery, the chances are the mouse has trouble communicating with your computer wirelessly. So, bring it closer to your PC and position it away from other interfering devices. 

Method #5: Repairing Mouse Switch

This method is quite time-consuming and relatively tricky, but if the above fixes did not work for the double-clicking problem, do these steps.

  1. Remove the batteries from the mouse and unscrew it with proper care. 
  2. Find and open the mouse switch using a flat screwdriver.
  3. Remove the copper tension spring inside the mouse switch and bend it with a screwdriver. 
  4. Bend the tab up and reinsert the tension spring.
  5. Push the bent tab back in position. 
  6. Put everything back together and check if your mouse double-click issue has been resolved. 
Image 141

Using Another Mouse

If your mouse is still double-clicking all the time, connect it with another computer and see how it operates. If the issue persists, buy a new mouse and connect it with your PC. 


In this guide on fixing a double-clicking mouse, we have explored different methods to eliminate this problem. We’ve also discussed replacing the mouse if the issue persists. 

Hopefully, your mouse is no longer double-clicking, and you can do your tasks easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my computer mouse?

It is possible to reset your computer mouse by unplugging it from the computer, holding down the left and right mouse buttons, and plugging the mouse back while holding these buttons. 

After a few seconds, release both the mouse buttons. At this moment, an LED flash will be displayed, which will confirm that the mouse has reset successfully.

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