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How To Fix an Echoing Microphone

How To Fix An Echoing Microphone

Nowadays, smart devices are everywhere. They are mainly used for communication and hands-free operations. Such kinds of tasks require built-in microphones, and if the mic in your device is causing echoing, you’ll face a lot of trouble in sending your voice to the second party.

Quick Answer

There isn’t a single universal method to fix an echoing mic because there can be many reasons your device’s microphone is malfunctioning. However, most of the time, you can get rid of that voice distortion using simple solutions so that you won’t have to face the embarrassment of echoing voice in an online meeting.

Whether you’re a business person or a hardcore gamer, if you’re looking to fix your mic, you’ve come to the right place. Here we will enlist all the methods to improve an echoing mic and tell you why this problem.

Reasons for an Echoing Mic

Let’s first talk about the reasons why your mic is echoing.

Mic Positioning

Keeping your mic too close to your speakers is one of the most common causes of an echoing mic. The sound from your speakers gets into the speakers and vice versa, causing a continuous cycle of echoing voice.

Multiple Microphones

If you’re a gamer, playing with various connected mics or in a group of friends where everyone has activated their device’s mic would be typical. The sound from your microphone will be picked up by the others, causing an echo.

How To Fix Your Echoing Mic

If you are experiencing echoes in your mic for these reasons, here are all the methods you can use to fix the issue.

Relocating Your Microphone

You should try to move your microphone as far away as possible from the speaker if you use an external microphone. The microphone will not pick up the speaker’s voice, and this method usually fixes that reverberating sound problem.

Adjusting Microphone Settings

If you’re experiencing this issue with your internal mic, you can change your speaker volume in your device’s settings panel. The lower volume will have a lesser chance of being picked up by your microphone. This method can also fix the issue with your external mic for the same reason.

Using Headsets

Switching towards a wired or even wireless headset can also resolve the problem. The reason is that the sound is directed towards your ears and not to the outside room, so the mic won’t be able to pick that sound.

Disable Multiple Microphones

Only keep a single microphone working at a time. For example, if you are simultaneously attending an online meeting from your computer and smartphone, you should enable only one device’s mic. Otherwise, the echoing issue will persist.

External Software

If you use external software to record the meeting or gameplay, you should check and configure the software’s settings properly. The software might be redirecting the voice into your microphone, causing the echo. 

Remove External Accessories

There might be a scenario where you’re only experiencing the echo over a voice call from your smartphone or when recording something. You might consider removing any external accessories attached to your smartphone. Usually, removing your smartphone case is the best solution.


When you experience an echoing mic issue during a call, you might want to confirm whose issue this is. Mute your mic and let the other person on the call speak to verify whether the problem is with your or the other person’s microphone.

Telephone Echo

In telephones, a feature called “sidetone” makes the user hear their voice on the receiver. The response latency is very short, so it doesn’t disturb; however, some hardware issues can cause the response time to increase. You might consider repairing your telephone’s hardware to fix the problem.

Quick Tips

All of these were the issues you might be experiencing with your microphone across different devices with their possible solutions. However, some quick fixes have worked for many users, and you should also try them before going towards the actual fixing method.

  • Restart your device or quickly turn it on and off.
  • Check your internet connectivity. If you’re attending a conference call, poor connectivity of anyone in the call might cause echoing.
  • If you’re using an external mic, then depending on the model, recharging or replacing the batteries can also fix the issue.
  • You can also run a system test where the results will tell you if there’s an issue with your device’s internal mic. Then, click on the troubleshoot option to complete fixing the problem.
  • Another tip would be only to unmute your mic when you’re speaking in a call. Otherwise, at all times, keep your microphone muted.

The Bottom Line

Echoing microphones is widespread, and many people face it for several reasons during their conference calls or gaming sessions. This article has described all the possible causes for your malfunctioning microphone. And we have also discussed the most effective solutions to these problems. Whether you’re using a smartphone or computer with an in-built mic or an external microphone, we have covered you.

We hope that after reading our article, you will be able to fix your echoing microphone and seamlessly enjoy your calling and gaming sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a microphone echoing issue if my phone is tapped?

Yes, phone tapping can be a reason because your phone’s voice-over calls and messages would be diverted to another source if it’s tapped. By checking your phone’s IMEI number or dialing *#21#, you can tell if the voice is being directed or not.

Why can I hear myself talking on a call?

As already mentioned, hearing your voice on a telephone can be a software issue; however, this issue can arise on a smartphone for many reasons, such as dirt accumulation that causes distortion.

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