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How To Fix Scratches on Apple Watch

Scratches On Apple Watch

Apple Watch provides many beneficial features, such as real-time health monitoring that works flawlessly with iOS devices. It can also show you the time and notifications without looking at your iPhone. However, your Apple Watch screen might get damaged after a while of use, and you might be wondering how to fix those scratches from your iWatch.

Quick Answer

There are many different ways to fix scratches on your Apple Watch. Most common methods either require some third-party products or use some DIY hacks; however, they cannot entirely eliminate the scratches. If your screen has faced severe damage, getting it replaced from an Apple store is the ultimate solution.

Some people can also replace their Apple Watch screens manually. However, the process is highly technical and should not be attempted without knowing what’s in front of you. You can try the home-based methods first, if they work for you, before getting your screen replaced.

In this detailed guide, we will explain all these methods so you can choose the one that suits you to fix the scratches on your Apple Watch.

Home-Based Methods

Replacing your Apple Watch screen sounds like a quick fix, but not everyone wants to spend a lot of money to eliminate some scratches.

That’s why most people go for DIY methods, as they go easy on your pocket and can yield some pretty incredible results. Before getting your hands dirty, you must only carefully understand the requirements and process.

Method #1: Using a Clear Nail Paint

This might be the easiest and cheapest method of them all. You only need three things for the process.

  • A clear nail polish.
  • An effective nail polish remover.
  • A micro-fiber cloth.

Follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Apply a thin coat of nail paint over the scratches.
  2. Let it dry completely for about 1 hour.
  3. Put some drops of nail polish remover on the microfiber cloth and gently wipe the excess nail paint from the screen’s surface.
  4. You can repeat this procedure several times until the scratches seem to disappear.

Some nail paint will get in and fill the scratches while the excess will be removed. Remember not to apply too much pressure with the cloth so as not to remove the paint from inside the scratches.

Method #2: Using a Scratch Removing Product

Most of the glass polish products in the market work similarly and include these materials inside their package.

  • Cleaning cloth.
  • White and pink paper strips.
  • Applying stick with a sealing rubber band.
  • Repairing and finishing syringes.

We highly recommend you read the instruction manual thoroughly before moving on with the process. Let’s have a look at the basic steps involved.

  1. Clean off the surface of your Apple Watch using the provided microfiber cloth.
  2. Put one of the white strips over the applying stick and hold it together with the rubber band.
  3. Take out some product from the repairing syringe and rub it over the surface using the applying stick for about 3 minutes.
  4. Repeat step 3 at least four times.
  5. Wipe out the product from the screen using the microfiber cloth.
  6. Put a pink strip over the applying stick and hold it with the rubber band.
  7. Apply some finishing syringe product on the screen and gently rub in a circular motion for several minutes.

This method is quite helpful in fixing little scuffs or scratches. Deeper scratches can become less visible but will not be completely wiped out.


All the cleaning or wiping processes must be done using a microfiber cloth. If you try to use any other cloth material, it will leave some fibers over the surface of your Apple Watch that can produce negative results.

Method #3: Replacing Your Apple Watch Screen

On the newer generations of Apple Watch, the screen glass is equipped with high-quality strengthened ion material, offering excellent resistance to scratches. If you take your Apple Watch to Apple for replacement just because of the scratches, they will probably not replace it.

If your Apple Watch is covered by insurance, only then will Apple replace it that too, only in case of accidental damage. To fix the scratches, manually replace the glass on your Apple Watch or get it done from an authorized repair shop. However, neither Apple nor we recommend this approach.

Always Use a Screen Guard

We highly recommend using a top-quality screen protector on your Apple Watch from day one. Even if your Apple Watch has received some scratches, it’s never too late to protect it from further damage.

A simple accessory like a screen guard will shield your watch from scratches and protect its screen from fall/drop damage, wear and tear, and even water damage.

The Bottom Line

Apple Watch is an extremely useful product but can get scratched after prolonged use. You can fix these scratches using home remedies such as the nail paint method described above. You can also apply some scratch-fixing products on your Apple Watch to minimize the effect of these scratches.

These methods are helpful against small scratches but cannot entirely remove deeper scratches. If your Apple Watch is severely damaged, you might consider getting it fixed from Apple or buying a new one. We have described all these methods in the above article, so you won’t have to look elsewhere for the solution. We hope this article helped you fix the scratches on your Apple Watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Apple Watch screen get scratched or broken easily?

Apple Watch is made using strong glass, so it won’t get scratched easily. However, more minor scuffs are inevitable in the long run. Apple claims its watch can survive a drop from 4 feet on a hard surface. However, a direct hit to the screen might break it.

How much does it cost to repair a watch from Apple?

The actual cost depends upon the model of your Apple Watch, but it won’t be cheap in any case. Apple would take anywhere between $150 and $399 to repair or fix a damaged Apple Watch. At that cost, you might consider buying a new one.

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