How To Fix Your Charging Port on iPhone

Iphone'S Charging Port

In the current state of modern civilization, human beings are already cyborgs. Our phones are an extension of our bodies. When you lose your phone, it’s like losing your arm or leg! Everything we do, everyone we speak to, and our general state of mind is impacted by our phone every day.

Losing your iPhone is the worst, but not being able to use your phone can also be bad. The most common way for people not to be able to use their phones is obvious, no battery!

Have you ever been to a restaurant and needed to meet someone else but realized that your phone only has a 5% battery? Oh no, you need to charge your phone right away. So you find an outlet and put the phone on charge.

Occasionally, you realize that even though you have put the charger in perfectly, your phone still does not seem to be charging. Why?, Because there is something wrong with the charging port on your iPhone.

The iPhone charging port can have problems occasionally, but there are solutions. Here are some of the methods we recommend to fix the charging port on your iPhone.

Clean the Charging Port

If you wear clothes as most people do on planet earth, then you probably put your iPhone in your pocket. Many people also put their iPhones in their purses or backpack. If this happens, your phone will collect little pieces of fuzz, sand, dirt, and whatever else might be there. Word of advice, avoid putting your iPhone in your pocket after going to the beach with sandy pockets!

The easiest way to solve this issue is to gently clean the charging port of your iPhone. Make sure you pay attention to the word “gently:” This is crucial for ensuring your iPhone is safe and won’t break anything inside!

Follow These Steps to Clean your iPhone Gently:

  1. Please turn off your phone; make sure it’s 100% turned off. You can do this manually or go to Settings > General > Shutdown.
  2. Once you have done this, find something with a very tiny tip. For example, a sewing needle, a paperclip, a toothpick, or anything else with a tiny tip will work.
  3. Once you have found the small tip, roll some paper on it. Cotton is also a great substance to put on the tip of something.
  4. Take the tipped object and gently jig/roll it around in the charging point. This should clear out any debris that may be inside.
  5. Now blow on the charging port to remove any further debris from the charging port. Make sure not to shoot out saliva when blowing on the port.
  6. Plug your phone back in and see if it works! Most of the time, this should do the trick.
  7. This is probably the most common problem when dealing with an iPhone charging port that doesn’t work. This is not the only issue you might though. The software can be a problem as well.

Software Issues

Sometimes it’s not a problem with any of the hardware on your phone; it’s a problem with the software! Here are some easy steps to ensure that your iPhone’s software is not the reason your iPhone won’t charge. This can be done with a hard reset.

Here are the steps to check the software with a reset.

  1. Hold the off and on buttons on your iPhone for 30 seconds.
  2. Your phone will now restart. It will turn black but keep holding the buttons.
  3. You will see the white Apple logo on the screen. When you see this logo release the buttons.

This should hopefully solve the problem. However, if that doesn’t work, then it might be a problem with the charger or cord.

Check the Cable

Sometimes iPhone chargers get worn out after much use. The name brand Apple charger usually lasts a lifetime, but as we know, we don’t always buy apple chargers. Also, particularly in countries outside the USA, the quality of the chargers can be suspect.

Here are some easy steps to check if your charging cable is working

  1. Have a look at both the cord and the connecting head of the charger. Does it look damaged at all? If so, you might need to buy a new one.
  2. If it doesn’t look damaged, then it might be damaged inside; in this case, use your computer to charge it. The problem might be with the electrical connection or wall adapter if it works.
  3. Use a lightning adapter to plug your phone into a Macbook that’s working correctly.

Sometimes, after checking everything, the cord, port, and software are still not working. If this is the case, then the last option to check is going to be the electrical port or wall adapter.

Faulty Wall Adapter

The wall adapter is the connection between your cable and the electrical outlet, like the charger; this can also be damaged. Use these steps to check if the problem is with the wall adapter.

  1. Try to use another outlet. Sometimes the electrical signal in the wall is not as strong as you would like it to be.
  2. If all the outlets are working correctly, try switching to another cable that you know works. If this doesn’t work, it’s probably not a problem with the wall adapter.

Now you have all the tools needed at your disposal. So next time your phone is not charging correctly, please don’t panic right away! Firstly, because in reality, there are more important things in life than having a fully charged iPhone.

Secondly, now you know exactly what to do to find out the problem. If none of these work, and you have exhausted all options, there is only one last thing to do. Take your iPhone to the repair shop.

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