How To Freeze Your Location on iPhone

How To Freeze Your Location On Iphone 1

Are you trying to hide your location from a friend or a family member, but you have no idea how to make that happen? Well, we got you covered. There are many ways you can freeze your location on your iPhone, and today, we will be covering all of them for you. So, you won’t have to worry about your location problem anymore.

Quick Answer

To freeze your location on the iPhone, you can try turning off your location services. However, if that doesn’t work for you, you can also use third-party software such as iMyFone, which allows you to set a fake location. If you are trying to freeze your location on a specific app, you can try disabling the location services for that app.

The only sure-fire method to freeze your location is to use a third-party app to change your mobile location. However, this method requires you to connect your device to a PC. Therefore, if you are willing to take the time out and get yourself an app like iMyFone, freezing your iPhone location will be a piece of cake.

With that said, follow the below-mentioned methods to freeze your iPhone’s location.

Method #1: Using iMyFone AnyTo to Set a Fake Location

There is a lot of software out there that can help you change your iPhone location, but for the sake of this article, we will be using iMyFone AnyTo. iMyFone allows your phone to change the user’s location using a computer. You can have the same effect as freezing your location by changing the user location.

Installing iMyFone AnyTo on Your PC

To install iMyFone AnyTo on your PC, you must buy the app first. The app costs 9.95$ per month and provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, you can also go for the Lifetime plan that costs 59.95$. To buy iMyFone AnyTo and install the app on your PC, follow the below-mentioned steps.

Image 12
  1. Download the App from iMyFone’s official website.
  2. Run the iMyFoneAnyTo.exe from your downloads.
  3. Select the directory you want the app in and press “Install”.

Once you press the Install button, wait for the installation to be over, and then run iMyFone AnyTo.

Setting Up iMyFone

Now that you have iMyFone installed on your PC, you need to run the app. After running the app, you will need to connect your iPhone to your PC using a wire. As soon as you connect your iPhone to your PC, a prompt will pop up asking “do you Trust This Computer?” Press “Trust” and enter your mobile passcode to complete the process.

After your iPhone is connected to your PC, you need to connect your PC and iPhone to the same Wi-Fi connection. If both your devices are connected to the same network, press “Load Map”, and you will be able to change your iPhone Location.

Changing Your iPhone Location

There are a few ways you can change your phone location using the iMyFone AnyTo app. However, for the sake of this guide, we will only be using the “Teleport Mode”. Once you are done setting up the app, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps to change your iPhone’s location.

  1. Press the “Teleport Mode” on the top right corner.
  2. Now type in the address you want to show yourself to be at.
  3. Once you find your location, press “Move” and you will be teleported to that place.

The steps above will help you in freezing your location. Moreover, any app you will be using on your iPhone will also be using your new location. However, in the events where you want to reset your location, you must restart your iPhone

Method #2: Turning Off Location Services

If you want to freeze your Location, sometimes turning off your Location Services has the same effect. You can turn off your Location Services by following these steps.

  1. Go to your “Mobile Settings”.
  2. Navigate to “Privacy” > “Location Services”.
    Location Services
  3. Toggle Location Services “OFF”.

However, if you are looking to turn off location services for some specific apps like Snapchat, you can do that by following the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Go to your “Mobile Settings”.
  2. Navigate to “Privacy” > “Location Services”.
  3. Inside the Location Services, scroll down until you find “Snapchat” and tap on it.
  4. In the “Allow Location Access” tab, select “Never” and you will be good to go.
    Image 14


Freezing your iPhone’s location can be tricky and time-consuming. However, once you know how to do it, changing your location will be a piece of cake for you. Both the methods mentioned above will help you freeze your location, so you can surf the internet with ease knowing your privacy is not compromised.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fake your location on your iPhone?

Yes, you can fake your location on an iPhone. However, you can’t do that without the help of third-party software. Software like iTools and iMyFone AnyTo allows you to change your iPhone’s location, but all of this software is paid for and require you to connect your iPhone to a PC.

Can other people trace the location of my iPhone?

iPhone has one of the best security systems out there. This means that tracing your iPhone location is almost impossible for an average Joe. However, if you jailbreak your device, your device location might get compromised. Apart from jailbreaking, installing third-party software on your iPhone will also compromise your location.

How can I fake my location on an Android?

You can fake your location on an Android by using a GPS Joystick. You can download a GPS Joystick app on your device by using the Google Play Store. Once you have downloaded the Joystick on your device, run it and select a new location. After you are done selecting a new location, press to confirm, and your location will be changed. However, be careful as your location might get compromised.

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