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How To Get Better FPS in Minecraft on a Laptop

Minecraft On A Laptop

FPS can increase or decrease our appeal for a game. A good FPS produces distinct and sharp images that can improve our interest in a game.

However, a not-so-good FPS has unclear and blurry images that can make us lose interest in a game over time. Hence, finding ways to improve FPS in Minecraft games is essential.

Quick Answer

There are several ways to get a better FPS in Minecraft games. If you set your software and video to optimal settings, have a good internet connection, and use the best hardware components, you will have the best gaming experience on Minecraft.

Let’s look deeper into how different PC aspects affect your FPS and what you can do to boost the FPS of your PC video game. Further, we shall also look at how FPS affects gaming performance and answer the question of why FPS can be so low on a PC.

Getting Better FPS in Minecraft on a Laptop

Here are some things you can do to have a better FPS in Minecraft on your PC.

Fix #1: Have a Strong PC With a High RAM Size

Make your system run smoothly and allow it to be strong enough to prevent collapsing when other programs are running in the background.

Fix #2: Adjust Your Graphics Card Settings

Remove unnecessary graphics settings and customization options that take away your PC resources.

Fix #3: Get a Good Gaming PC

Choose the best PC hardware for gaming. The PC should be fast and resource intensive.

Fix #4: Have a Solid Internet Connection 

Use a strong network connection cable. You can use the Wi-Fi 6 network. If you don’t have it, you can use an ethernet cable. This network will reduce local latency or input delay when connecting to Minecraft servers.

Fix #5: Optimize Your PC

Use the latest software and OS to play Minecraft. Having up-to-date resources keeps the game at optimum capacity. You should also update your graphics drivers.

Updating your graphics drivers allows for performance improvements. You can also search the manufacturer’s website to download the latest drivers.

Fix #6: Close Unneeded Programs

Don’t run programs you are not using while playing Minecraft. Closing them gives more resources and space for Minecraft to run smoothly. Also, remember to close desktop apps as well.

Fix #7: Change Your Minecraft Video Settings

Calibrating your Minecraft’s video settings will boost its FPS. However, it’s essential to know the FPS of your PC before you begin calibrating your Minecraft video settings.

You should also view your present game before making any changes to see if they have improved when you finally make the changes.

It would help if you compared them because changing the calibration sometimes doesn’t lead to improvements. Also, turn off game effects you do not need.

A good FPS for Minecraft would be 144 fps and above. Anything poor will be below 60 fps. Once you are sure that you have good FPS, go to your video settings in the options menu.

It would help if you began by adjusting the settings you think will have the most significant impact.

Fix #8: Decrease the Resolution 

Another way to have a fantastic Minecraft experience will be to decrease the resolution. Resolution is the number of pixels per surface area of your game screen.

Bringing down the resolution increases the processing speed of your game, thereby improving the FPS. Generally, it is always best to strike a balance between these settings.

Reducing render distance also increases the FPS. A render distance between low and medium is the best. A decreased render distance reduces the maximum distance between objects on your screen. It can significantly increase the speed of your system.

It won’t reduce the ability to notice other gaming objects like other players or incoming mobs.

Fix #9: Turn Off VSync

If your refresh rate varies, you should enable VSync or FreeSync technology in your GPU settings. Turning off VSync reduces screen tearing and brings stable FPS.

In case you are in doubt about its improvement, you should turn it on and off between games and see the results. 

Fix #10: Turn Off Full-Screen Mode

The larger the screen size, the more resources your PC will use. Turning off full-screen mode allows the PC to focus more resources on a smaller screen area.

As a result, the Minecraft game will receive a more significant impact of the available PC resources leading to better gaming.

Fix #11: Improve Your PC Hardware

Bringing down your graphics settings can increase the frame rates. However, a hardware improvement will have the most significant impact. Have the best capable system. Check that your PC system configurations meet Minecraft minimum system requirements.

It will perform poorly if your PC specification exceeds Minecraft’s minimum requirements.

Fix #12: Close All Inactive Windows

Before playing the Minecraft game, close all windows you won’t need. Closing unneeded windows will enable the PC to focus its resources on the current gaming application.

Other ways to increase the FPS in Minecraft on your laptop include the following.

  • Lowering mipmaps.
  • Reducing biome blends.
  • Remove fancy graphics game settings.
  • Turning off clouds.
  • Turn off smooth lighting.
  • Decrease particles and anti-aliasing.

How Does FPS Affect Gaming Performance?

When playing Minecraft games, boosting your FPS can reduce lag time to create the best Minecraft experience.

Increasing your FPS improves the visuals of your game and animation. You won’t have that choppy and sluggish gaming any longer.

Also, when they occur without lag, your input from your mouse or other device is recognized without delay while playing.

Why Is My FPS So Low in Minecraft?

On Minecraft or any other video game, a low FPS can occur due to outdated graphics cards or insufficient RAM space available for the Minecraft application.


FPS is greatly affected by the PC video settings than the hardware features of your game itself. Altering these video settings in the right way will lead to improvements in the FPS of your game. This article will show how to change your FPS to the gaming experience. 

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