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How To Get Hulu on Your VIZIO Smart TV


Hulu is a prominent streaming platform with several movies and series from HBO, Showtime, STARZ, and many more. Like Netflix, YouTube TV, Sling, etc., Hulu is a subscription-based platform you can get on a smart TV. However, Hulu is not compatible with all smart TVs. If you own a VIZIO Smart TV, how do you get Hulu on it? 

Quick Answer

Generally, Hulu is available on most VIZIO Smart TVs. If you have a VIZIO TV that uses a VIZIO Internet App system or Smartcast TV, you can easily download and install it from the app store. But if you are using an old VIZIO TV, you can use Chromecast to access it. 

The Hulu app is often one of the native apps on VIZIO TVs. However, some VIZIO Smart TVs no longer support Hulu as they are too old. So, check your VIZIO firmware version to see if Hulu is compatible with it.

Whatever the case may be, in this article, we will elaborate on two main ways to get Hulu to work on a VIZIO Smart TV. 

How To Watch Hulu on a VIZIO Smart TV

Hulu is an excellent streaming platform to have on your smart TV. With numerous movies and series at your disposal and over 50 hours of cloud storage, getting Hulu to work on your smart TV will truly change your entertainment. While, in actuality, getting Hulu is great, not all smart TV comes shipped with it. 

If Hulu didn’t come on your VIZIO TV, there are a few ways to get it on your TV. Continue reading to explore the two brilliant ways to get Hulu to work on your smart TV. 

Method #1: On a VIZIO Internet App TV 

The first method we will look at is how to make Hulu work on your VIZIO Smart TV if it uses the VIZIO Internet App. The VIZIO Internet app is a system built into VIZIO TVs to enable it to stream your favorite TV. VIZIO Smart TVs with the VIZIO Internet App TV always have popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Google Play Movies & TV, and even Hulu preinstalled on them. So, if Hulu does not come with your VIZIO Smart TV despite having the VIA feature, follow the steps below to get it on your TV. 

Here’s how to watch Hulu on a VIZIO Internet App TV.

  1. Connect your VIZIO Smart TV to a reliable Wi-Fi network
  2. Press the “V” button to launch the app store on your smart TV, which is often the Google Play Store
  3. Tap the search box, type “Hulu”, and hit the search button
  4. From the search result, click on the Hulu app to install it. 
  5. Once installation is complete, launch the app and enter your login details or create an account.  

Method #2: On a VIZIO Smartcast TV 

If you have an older model of VIZIO Smart TV that no longer supports Hulu, all hopes are not lost. You can still use the Smartcast feature on your VIZIO Smart TV to get Hulu on your TV. However, note that this feature works by casting the Hulu app from your smartphone or PC to your smart TV. Hence, you need to have your smartphone or PC close to you to get Hulu on your TV. Also, you need to connect your smartphone or PC and the VIZIO Smart TV to a strong router, as this method requires that you are on the same network for it to work. 

Here’s how to get Hulu on your TV with Smartcast.

  1. Go to the App Store to download the Hulu app for Apple devices or the Play Store to download the Hulu app for Android devices. 
  2. Once installation is complete, launch the Hulu app and log into your account with your username and password or create a new account. 
  3. Connect your smartphone or PC and your VIZIO Smart TV to the same Wi-Fi network
  4. On your VIZIO Smart TV, go to the screencasting menu, awaiting the signal from your smartphone or PC. 
  5. On your smartphone, scroll down from the top of your screen, tap the “Screen Mirroring” button, and tap on your VIZIO Smart TV from the list. 
  6. You would be prompted to enter the code displayed on your TV on your smartphone. After you enter it, both your smartphone and TV will pair automatically
  7. You can now launch the Hulu app and cast any content you want from the Hulu app to your VIZIO Smart TV. 


Summarily, the Hulu app is an excellent streaming service to use on your smart TV. It offers a whole lot of content, both new and current series. So, if you don’t want to miss any episode of any series you have been following or want to be the first to watch that new release, you can use any of the methods elaborated in this guide to get Hulu to work on your VIZIO Smart TV. 

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