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How To Get Pandora on Apple TV

Apple Tv Screen

Pandora has always been a formidable contender for streaming applications like Spotify and Netflix. While the application is considered better than the competitors in many ways, getting it set up on Apple TV sadly isn’t one of them. 

Quick Answer

You can download the Pandora app from the App Store of your Apple HD or Apple 4k TV. Download and authenticate it with your Apple ID to activate it. Once this process is complete, you will be able to see stations popping up. 

The application isn’t entirely known for its easy setup. Therefore, you might encounter specific errors and issues if you don’t follow the correct steps.

This guide will help you get and set Pandora on Apple TV in the most seamless way, so let’s jump in and get started. 

Step #1: Downloading Pandora

Pandora Logo

Apple uses its tvOS to deliver engaging and interactive experiences. The installation process is essentially similar to iPhone, so we won’t be changing many steps for downloading Pandora on Apple TV.

Here is how you can download Pandora on Apple TV.

  1. From your home screen, select and launch the App Store.
    Apple Tv Home Screen
  2. Select the Search function (tilted magnifying glass icon) and type “Pandora“.
  3. Press Enter and choose the Pandora app from the search results.
  4. Press the get Install button and wait for the download to finish.
    Pandora App Download Screen

Once done, the Apple tvOS will automatically install the Pandora app on your Apple TV. You can choose a free plan with advertisements or a paid plan for better features. 


If the Pandora app download fails, restart the Apple TV to fix the issue.

Step #2: Activating Pandora on Apple TV

Pandora Logos

Once you’ve decided on a subscription plan, it’s time to activate the software. You need an active internet connection throughout this process. 

Here is how you can activate Pandora on an Apple TV.

  1. Open the Pandora app on your Apple TV. You will see the following options.
    • “Sign In With You Email”.
    • “Create Your New Account”.
    • “Sign In with Activation Code”.
  2. For a first-time setup, select the third option.
  3. Open your mobile or PC and go to the Pandora activation website.       
  4. Enter the code displayed on your Apple TV and press “Activate Now“.
    Pandora Setup And Activation

If you choose the other setup options, you need to sign in with your Pandora-activated account or create an entirely new account to proceed. You should select those processes if you don’t have your Apple account logged in on your PC.


Your Pandora application might run unintentionally in the background or experience constant stutters while you’re using the Apple TV. Restart your device if such an issue arises.


Getting Pandora on Apple TV is a 2-step process that requires you to download the application from the App Store and log into it with your Apple ID. There are three ways to set it up, and you can choose whichever works the best for you. Pandora might cause some issues on Apple TV, but a quick restart will work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pandora have Apple AirPlay?

Yes, the Apple AirPlay is responsible for letting you stream your Pandora content through your Wi-Fi to any other Apple device. Therefore, you do not need to have multiple instances of Pandora running unsynced content. 

How do I delete Pandora from Apple TV?

Select the Pandora app and press and hold the center of the clickpad. Once the application starts moving, select “Delete” from the drop-down options using the Play/Pause button.

How many subscription tiers does Pandora offer?

There are three Pandora subscription plans. Plus comes at 4.99 USD/month, Premium is 9.99 USD/month, and Basic is free.

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