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How To Get Pokemon on iPhone

Pokemon Go On Iphone

The Pokemon series of games first became popular in the 90s due to the games’ interactive settings, creativity, and uniqueness. Today, many people still play and enjoy classic Pokemon games.

If you are a fan of Pokemon games and hope to learn how to get Pokemon games on your iPhone, this article is for you. The most important thing about getting Pokemon on your iPhone is that you need an emulator.

An emulator is an app emulating a specific computer system. In this case, a Pokemon emulator will mimic a gaming console. When you download and install the correct emulator, you can play most of the classic Pokemon games on your iPhone.

Several emulators are available online to get and play Pokemon on your iPhone, but Delta and Game Play Color are best.

Quick Answer

To download the Delta emulator, go to AltStore, its official distribution platform. Next, connect your iPhone to your computer, launch the AltServer, install AltStore, and enter your Apple credentials. Then, launch AltStore and find the Delta Emulator App > Free. Finally, download Pokemon ROMs to your iPhone and launch the Delta app by clicking the plus (+) sign. Select your preferred ROMs to load and start playing Pokemon on your iPhone.

Read this article to the end to learn more about getting classic Pokemon games on iPhone.

Overview of Getting Pokemon on iPhone

Using an emulator is the best way to play various classic Pokemon games on iPhone without jailbreaking it. An emulator is an app that mimics the operating system of an old gaming console like Game Boy on your iPhone.

Pokemon emulators are safe and legal to use. Unfortunately, you need ROMs to play Pokemon games with your iPhone. ROM means “read only memory“, but it means a digital version of a video game in the gaming context. Sharing ROMs is illegal, so you have to make extra effort to acquire them.

The best way to find Pokemon ROMs is through online web sources. But, ensure you scan any ROMs for bugs and malware before downloading and installing them on your iPhone.

Next, we delve into the exact steps to getting Pokemon games on iPhone using emulators.

Getting Pokemon on iPhone: Step by Step Guide

Use the steps below to download and install Pokemon emulators on your iPhone.

Method #1: Delta

Delta is one of the leading emulators among gaming enthusiasts due to its reliability. It’s also an excellent choice for getting Pokemon on your iPhone.

Delta is not available on the Apple Store because it’s a third-party app. You need to use a computer for the installation process. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Go to the AltStore website.
  2. Enable Wi-Fi sync on your computer, then connect your iPhone to the computer.
  3. Launch the AltServer, then wait for the logo on your computer’s menu bar and click on it.
  4. Click on the “Install AltStore” button that appears on the window.
  5. Select “iPhone” as the installation device.
  6. Enter your Apple credentials and wait for the installation process to finish.
  7. Select the AltStore app on your iPhone and search for “Delta Emulator App > Free” to install Delta on your iPhone.
  8. Open the Delta app, click on the plus (+) sign, go to your iPhone’s storage, and select the preferred ROMs.

The game should start initiating after you’ve completed all the steps above.

Method #2: Game Play Color

Game Play Color is another versatile emulator you can use to get Pokemon on your iPhone. This emulator has an offline support function for playing games without a Wi-Fi connection and supports various Gameboy and Game Boy classic games.

Here’s how to use Game Play Color to get Pokemon on your iPhone.

  1. Download Pokemon ROMs to your Google Drive.
  2. Key in “Game Play Color” in your iPhone’s web browser.
  3. Click on the “Share” button at the bottom of the iPhone screen and then select “Add to Home Screen“.
  4. Click on the Game Play Color app icon at the bottom of your iPhone’s home screen.
  5. Enter your Google Drive credentials to sign in and sync your Google account to the Game Play Color app.
  6. Select the game you’d like to play.


Getting Pokemon on an iPhone is pretty easy if you have the correct information. To play classic Pokemon games on your iPhone, you need to download ROMs (digital copies of Pokemon on your iPhone). Next, you’ll need to download and install Delta or the Game Play Color emulator.

The best emulators to get Pokemon on iPhone are Delta and Game Play Color. It is illegal to share Pokemon ROMs, so don’t share ROMs with anyone else.

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