How To Have Multiple Wallpapers on iPhone

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Do you love aesthetic wallpapers on your iPhone screen but can’t decide on one?

You no longer need to choose as you can select and show numerous wallpapers every time. 

Quick Answer

It is possible to have multiple wallpapers on iPhone by creating a slideshow on the lock screen. For this, go to the Photos app, select the “Recents” tab, tap “Select“, and choose the photos you like. Click the share button and choose “Slideshow” from the options. You can also do this by using the AutoWall Shortcut

We took the time to compile an extensive guide for you explaining different methods to have multiple wallpapers on iPhone without facing much trouble.

Creating Multiple Wallpapers on iPhone

Here are 3 step-by-step methods on how to have multiple wallpapers on iPhone.

Method #1: Using AutoWall Shortcut

One of the simplest methods for getting multiple wallpapers on the iPhone at once is the AutoWall Shortcut.

You can easily do this with the following step-by-step instructions. 

Step #1: Creating Wallpapers Album

First, create an album in your Photos App and name it “Wallpapers“. Move all the wallpapers you want to that album.

Image 415

Step #2: Allowing Untrusted Shortcuts

Next, head to Settings on your iPhone, choose “Shortcuts“, and enable the “Allow Untrusted Shortcuts” option.

Tap the “Allow” option and enter your passcode to change this setting.

Image 416

Step #3: Installing and Configuring AutoWall Shortcut

Install the AutoWall Shortcut on your iPhone. Next, open the Shortcuts app and select the “My Shortcuts” tab. 

Image 156

Tap on the 3 dots on the Autowall Shortcut under the “All Shortcuts” section.

Select “Allow Access” and tap “OK” to allow AutoWall to access your photos. 

Image 417

Next, choose the “Recents” option next to “Albums” and select the “Wallpaper” folder you have just created. 

Image 418

Tap on the “Lock Screen” and “Home Screen” options and choose either option. Select “Done” from the top-right corner and save the changes.

Image 419

Step #4: Setting Up Automation

Go to the “Automation” option in the Shortcuts app and tap “Create Personal Automation“.

Select the “Time of Day” option from the “New Automation” screen, and set the time when you want the wallpaper to change.

Select “Daily” from the repeat option and click “Next“.

Image 420

Choose the “Add Action” option, search for “Run Shortcut“, and tap on it.

Select the Shortcut option, tap AutoWall from the list and choose “Next” present in the upper-right corner.

Image 421

Turn the toggle off for the Ask Before Running” tab and tap the “Don’t Ask” option.

Tap “Done“, and your automation is finally set up.

Image 422

Your iPhone’s home screen and lock screen wallpaper will change automatically at the set time. A notification telling the automation process/initialization will also be received on your device.

Method #2: Creating Slideshow on Lock Screen

You can also have multiple wallpapers on your iPhone by creating a slideshow on the lock screen following the steps below.

  1. Go to the Photos app on your iPhone, choose the “Recents” tab, and tap “Select“. 
  2. Choose the photos you want to include in your slideshow.
  3. Select the share button from the bottom-left corner.
  4. Choose “Slideshow” from the options.

The slideshow will immediately begin on your iPhone screen.

Method #3: Changing With Focus Mode

It is also possible to have different wallpapers on iPhone that change with the “Focus Mode“. Here is how.

Step #1: Creating Different Albums

Head to the Photos app on your iPhone.

Select a photo of your choice and choose the share button from the bottom-left corner.

Tap on “Add to Album“, create a new album, and name it on one of the Focus Modes, i.e., “Gym Focus“. Repeat the same procedure and assign one photo to each focus mode by creating an album.

Step #2: Using Automation Shortcuts

Launch the Shortcuts app on your iPhone and choose the “Automation” option.

Tap on the plus (+) button from the upper-right corner and choose to create personal automation.

Image 430

Step #3: Finding Focus Modes and Assigning Wallpapers

Scroll down on the create personal automation page and find all different focus modes on your iPhone, i.e., “Do Not Disturb”, “Personal”, “Work”, “Gym”, and “Driving”.

Choose the “Gym Focus” mode from the list, tick the option “When Turning On“, and tap “Next“.

Image 431

Next, tap “Add Action“, type “Find Photos” in the search bar, and select it from the list below.

Choose the “Recents” option and select the “Gym” album you created earlier. 

Image 158

Now, type “Set Wallpaper” in the search bar and go to the option below.

Image 159

Toggle on “Perspective Zoom” or “Show Preview” if you want and tap the “Next” button.

Image 160

Afterward, turn the toggle on for “Ask Before Running” and tap “Done“. Perform this entire process for all the other focus modes on your phone.

Image 432

Change the focus mode on your iPhone now to see if the wallpaper is changing with it.


In this guide on how to have multiple wallpapers on iPhone, we have looked into numerous methods to get different wallpapers showing up on your device each time.

Hopefully, one of these methods has worked for you, and now you can see a different wallpaper whenever you pick up your phone.

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