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How To Highlight a Screenshot on Mac

Macbook Screenshot

A screenshot is a still image of your display screen. People use screenshots to share charts, tables, graphs, images, and information. By highlighting a screenshot, you can draw attention to a key point. For that reason, if you are an Apple user, you should learn how to highlight a screenshot on Mac.    

Quick Answer

To highlight a screenshot, open it in the Preview option. In the Preview editor, click “Shapes” to choose your required shape for highlighting. After that, drag the shape to the area you want to highlight. Select the right color for highlighting. Click “Done” to save the changes on the desktop.  

Screenshots fast-track your progress by sharing live images from your display. As per statistics, people tend to retain 63% more information when you pair written content with visuals. However, just taking a screenshot isn’t enough. You should highlight it properly to get your point across.  

Taking Screenshots on Your Mac

Before highlighting, you should learn about taking a screenshot on Mac first. There are two basic screenshot options available on Mac. Either you can capture the entire screen or a specific screen area. The choice of option depends upon your requirement and preference.  

The details for both options are as follows.

Screenshot of the Entire Screen on Your Mac

Capturing the entire screen on Mac is straightforward. Press the Command + Shift + 3 keys on your keyboard simultaneously. It will take a screenshot of the whole screen and save it on the desktop or your specified location for possible edits.

Screenshot of a Particular Area on Your Mac

If it isn’t necessary to capture the entire screen, you should always go for screenshots of a particular area. In this type, the image quality is better with more to-the-point information.

Press the Command + Shift + 4 keys on your keyboard to capture a specific display section. Your mouse pointer will act like a crosshair (with a + symbol). Select and drag your mouse to the desired area. Once you leave the mouse, the area will be captured as a screenshot and saved on your desktop.

Highlighting a Screenshot on Your Mac

Highlighting a screenshot on Mac devices is quite simple. A Mac has an in-built Preview editing program that supports all types of image files. You don’t need to install any third-party app for this purpose, as the Preview section can cover all essential requirements. 

With the Preview option, you can highlight and add shapes, texts, notes, and other add-ons to a screenshot. In Mac, the original format for any screenshot file is PNG. However, you can save it in JPG, HEIC, GIF, and even PDF format after the editing.  

You can highlight a screenshot by following these simple steps.

  1. Take a screenshot of your display screen containing the information you want to highlight.
  2. Right-click the image and select “Open with Preview”. It is the default editing option on Mac.
  3. Click the toolbar icon to see your editing options. 
  4. In the available options, find “Shapes”. It offers a variety of shapes, including arrows, rectangles, circles, etc. 
  5. Choose the shape of your choice for highlighting.
  6. The shape will appear on your screenshot with adjustment options.
  7. Drag the shape to the desired area with the help of side and corner adjustments.
  8. Choose the right shape, color, and border width from the toolbar options.
  9. Click “Done” after making these changes. The highlighted screenshot will appear on your desktop.     
  10. If required, you can export the highlighted screenshot in JPG, PDF, and GIF formats.

With this method, you can highlight any screenshot on Mac. If you want to highlight a previously taken screenshot, browse the screenshot on your system. Then, open it with Preview, and repeat the same steps. 

The Bottom Line

A screenshot is a digital image of your screen contents. With screenshots, you can share what you are researching with people for future reference. To emphasize a fact, you should always highlight it on a screenshot. 

Mac users can highlight a screenshot by using the Preview tool. Open the image in the Preview editor and find the “Shapes” option. Select the shape, its colors, and border width. Then, drag the shape to your specified area and click “Done” to save changes. Your screenshot will be highlighted.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I edit the text in a JPEG on a Mac?

In the Preview section, you should use the “Edit Toolbar” option. Also, you can directly unlock the edit toolbar by pressing the Command + Shift + A. After that, select the text tool icon and click on the photo to create your own text. Now, you can adjust the text’s color, size, and positioning.

Can I crop in Preview on Mac?

Yes, you can. In the Preview, select the option “Show Markup Toolbar”. After that, click the rectangular section button to select the region you want to keep. Click the crop button for finalization.

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