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How To Hold a Mouse for Gaming

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The mouse is an essential device for playing games on a PC. Some highly demanding games like PUBG and Fortnite require a lot of precision and flexibility. So, you should know how to hold your mouse for a better gaming experience.

You should have a tight grip on the back of the mouse so that your ring finger and pinky support the palm. Your index and middle finger will slightly rest on the buttons so that you can quickly press them.

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The way you hold your mouse can make a difference in the overall experience. A loose grip on the mouse will cause it to slip around, which can be frustrating and mess with your gaming. 

So, let’s discuss how you can properly hold the mouse to enhance your gaming experience. 

Best Ways to Hold a Mouse for Gaming

Being a gamer, you know that the key to success is not just in the skills of the player but also in their equipment. One of the most important pieces of gaming equipment is the mouse. The ideal mouse when gaming has a high DPI and low latency, but that’s not all there is to it. You have to hold your mouse right in order to respond quickly while playing the game.

Professional gamers hold the mouse in a proper way, and this helps them enhance their gaming experience. So, there are three different ways to hold a mouse, and each one is suited for a particular style of play. 

Let’s get to know each of them. 

Method #1: Palm Grip

The palm grip method is the most common among gamers. You lay the entire length of your hand over the mouse and move the mouse with your fingers. This grip offers the most support for your hand, so if you have a particularly heavy mouse or one that doesn’t have a lot of extra buttons, it’s a good option.

In addition to being more supportive, this grip also gives your fingers more room to move around and switch between buttons easily while you game. Playing something like Overwatch or League of Legends can make all the difference in getting ahead of your opponents.

Many gamers prefer this style because it’s easier on their wrists. You can also use it for other things besides gaming. Some gamers who use this grip say they find it more comfortable than other grips because it’s so natural and easy to do. This grip is great for people with larger hands.

Method #2: Fingertip Grip

This grip involves placing your hand in a claw-like position, with your fingers arched and your palm hovering just above the mouse. This can provide much control and increased precision when moving the mouse around. 

This is a more natural-feeling grip for some gamers. It’s easier to make quick movements with this grip, which is why many high-level players use it. This grip is a bit less comfortable than the palm grip, but some prefer its feel.

Another benefit is that this method allows for faster swiping and clicking motions, which is a plus for certain players. However, some gamers complain about wrist pain and lack of comfort when using this grip.

Method #3: Claw Grip

The fingertip grip is another most common way to hold a mouse. In this way, you depend on your fingertips instead of your palm to do most of the work. 

To get into a fingertip grip, you will have to place your hand on the mouse with your fingertips resting on the left and right-click buttons. Besides that, you will be holding the mouse with your thumb and ring finger. Your palm should be in the air just above the mouse’s body so that you can move it around quickly and precisely when needed.

This grip is for gamers who need speed. It’s hard to get used to because it puts your whole weight on your fingers and wrist, but once you master it, you will be able to move across the surface with ease.

Tips to Properly Hold a Mouse for Gaming

Here are some tips on how to properly hold a mouse for gaming:

  • Do not use your whole arm to move the mouse. You can use just your wrist or hand to move it faster.
  • Make sure your wrist is resting while you are operating the mouse.
  • Position the mouse so that it’s right next to your keyboard, but make sure there are no other objects around it.
  • Keep your fingers loose, but don’t let them curl while they are on the mouse’s buttons.
  • Don’t grip the mouse too tightly; you should feel comfortable moving it with only three fingers (the thumb, index, and middle finger).


With these three mouse gripping methods, you should be able to find the one that best suits you. I would recommend implementing palm grip methods into your gaming routine, and it will surely work for you. But, be aware of your comfort level and make any changes necessary to maximize your gaming potential.

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